Technology in 2001

By : |December 29, 2000 0
  • Market
    Trends India

    Whether it’s PC shipments, Internet usage, or the server market, the IT
    industry has impressive growth ahead.
  • When the
    Mobile Marries the Thin Client

    Server-based computing addresses bandwidth issues, and offers improved
    performance, security, and cost-effectiveness for mobile users.
  • Messaging is

    Messaging is not only benefiting from new technologies but is also becoming
    an entry point for viruses.
  • Will the
    Open Source Business Model Die?

    Support is at the center of the open source business model. But most
    consumers don’t want to pay for it.



  • The Techy

    Technologies that shaped the year, failed on their promises, or hold a
    bright future.
  • That Little
    Grain of Sand

    This year marks the beginning of Gigahertz microprocessors, and technologies
    that hold immense future promise.
  • Embedded
    These compact systems are finding wide and growing application in
    gadgets, handhelds, and other devices.
  • A Crusoe for
    your Notebook
    A simpler instruction set, less hardware, and efficient power management
    are claimed to make this processor ideal for mobile computing.
  • Multimedia
    A look where multimedia is heading.
  • High-performance
    Computing with Beowulf Clusters
    Beowulf clusters, constructed from commodity computer systems, have
    become the fastest growing alternative choice for building high-performance
    parallel computing systems. The rapid advancement of microprocessors,
    high-speed network interconnects, and other component technologies have
    facilitated many successful deployments of this type of clusters. This
    article provides an overview of Beowulf clusters and discusses the design
    choices for building a cost-effective, high-performance Beowulf cluster.



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