Tech Triumphs: Celebrating Innovation on National Technology Day

Explore the remarkable strides of innovation on National Technology Day 2024. Delve into the theme 'School to Startups - Inspiring Young Minds to Innovate.

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National Technology Day

National Technology Day

National Technology Day observes in India Every year, on May 11, to honour the nation's successful nuclear test at Pokhran in 1998, celebrate notable scientific and technological accomplishments, and highlight the critical role that technology has played in securing India's position as a global leader in technological innovation. This day honours the devoted work of engineers, scientists, researchers, and all other contributors who advance technology across a range of fields. Every year, the event showcases India's ongoing dedication to innovation and progress while highlighting the country's advancements in a variety of technological fields since its founding.


By encouraging a culture of scientific curiosity, this occasion hopes to encourage young people to pursue careers in technology, engineering, and mathematics. Additionally, it fosters partnerships between industry, government, and academia, encouraging dialogue on cutting-edge technological advancements and original solutions to pressing societal issues.

National Technology Day 2024:Theme

Annually, the Technology Development Board (TDB) selects a theme for the occasion. This year, the chosen theme is "School to Startups - Inspiring Young Minds to Innovate." The aim of this theme for National Technology Day is to spark innovation among young minds, encouraging them to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, all while celebrating the nation's impressive scientific advancements.


On National Technology Day, we have an ideal opportunity to recognize the substantial contributions made by scientists, engineers, and inventors toward the progress of society. To honor their remarkable efforts, we have compiled quotes from various sectors, shared by industry leaders across different industries. These quotes serve as a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of those driving innovation forward, inspiring us to continue pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

Tarun Chhabra, Country Manager, Nokia India

"National Technology Day is a celebration of innovation and contribution of the youth for driving the same. India has already positioned itself as one of the key economies in the world driven by technological innovation over the last few years. We believe that the next decade will be marked by unparalleled technological progress in AI, cloud, and connectivity presenting new opportunities for India to strengthen its foothold in the global technology landscape. At Nokia, we are actively building a global ecosystem by leveraging our innovation platforms, communities, and physical labs, where we unite partners and technologies to shape the digital services and applications of tomorrow. India plays a significant role in this journey."


Pankaj Goel, Chief Technology Officer, BharatPe

"On National Technology Day, we celebrate the profound impact of science and technology on society. In recent years, technological advancements have been pivotal in driving India's economic growth, with startups leveraging innovation to address diverse challenges across sectors such as finance, education, agriculture, and healthcare. Within the fintech realm, groundbreaking technologies have led to the development of disruptive products, reshaping the landscape of financial transactions. It's also a moment to recognize the success of initiatives like UPI, which has played a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion and showcasing India's commitment to innovation on a global scale.

At BharatPe, we embrace technology as a driving force for progress, enabling us to revolutionize payment solutions, credit access, and other financial services. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, we empower businesses with seamless transactions and open doors to new opportunities for millions of offline merchants. Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to harnessing technology's potential to foster positive change and create a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem for all."


Rohit Ramanand, Group Vice President, Engineering, New Relic, India                                         

“From being an IT service stop to becoming a global hub for technological innovation, India has witnessed many milestones in its journey so far. What began as a cost arbitrage for technology companies in the late 1990s, has now become a key source of high-quality talent and cutting-edge innovation. The Indian government’s Startup India and ‘Make AI in India’ initiatives are unlocking the adoption of emerging technologies in the country. With such a massive impetus to thrive, India is an attractive technology market for businesses across the world and also a major incubator of AI startups.

Global corporations have set up over 1,500 GCCs in India. As India’s technology sector grows, its share of transformational and expertise-based services will spearhead the Indian IT sector towards greater growth. This National Technology Day, New Relic shares in the spirit of ‘igniting young minds to innovate’ with its plans to expand its workforce in India, which will be at the forefront of AI innovation.


As a pioneer and leader in the observability market, we believe in empowering early-stage startups and engineering teams across the world. Launched in 2021, New Relic for Startups aims to give every engineer at startups the tools to deliver software with confidence without compromising vendor choices due to cost or engineering constraints. This program has rapidly grown to include hundreds of early-stage startups across every industry, from finance and media to gaming and retail.”

Raj K Gopalakrishnan, CEO, KOGO

“In the 1990s India’s IT and ITeS sectors were valued at $100 million. Thirty-four years down the line, India’s tech industry is a $254 billion market, with the spirit of innovation and scientific progress driving the ecosystem. From the Y2K moment to artificial intelligence becoming a part of daily work lives, India’s made significant strides in technological advancement. The country’s engineering prowess is widely acknowledged the world over, with homegrown brands being at the forefront of India’s success story.


This National Technology Day, it is important to understand how Indian startups are at the forefront of innovation, with many of them creating innovative technologies that were once considered impossible. As an Indian startup, KOGO’s goals align with the National Technology Day theme for 2024 — from schools to startups: igniting young minds to innovate. KOGO is among the very few Indian startups that’s leading innovation in emerging technologies in the market. With a team of ambitious engineers, KOGO’s AI innovations are disrupting the AI sphere with its AI OS that can perform real-world actions. We see immense innovation brewing within India’s tech sector and we’re glad that KOGO is a part of an industry that has massive growth in its future.”

 Kapil Mehta, Sr. Director, Technology Solutions, Visionet

“The impact of AI is quietly reshaping lives in India. Over 74% of Indian enterprises are already working with AI. A recent report released by NetApp, states that India is among the leading countries for AI innovation. In addition to providing unique opportunities, India provides a perfect “playground” for enterprises and institutions globally to develop scalable solutions.


 The adoption of AI across the retail, banking and healthcare sectors is expected to result in annual cost savings of $11 billion, up from a projected $6 billion in 2018. With AI integration across sectors, aspects such as customer experience, data security and data analytics are set to improve in the coming years. This widespread integration sets a robust foundation for further advancements and sector-specific innovations.

 In the retail sector, AI-enhanced engines analyze customer data to provide personalized products or services thereby boosting sales and satisfaction among customers. The market for artificial intelligence in retail is expected to reach  $51.94 billion by 2028 from $4.84 billion in 2021. In the banking domain, fraudulent activities can be reduced through real-time analysis of transaction patterns using AI-enabled systems, which also safeguards the financial assets belonging to clients. Healthcare providers can accurately diagnose diseases and plan for treatment methods that are specific to each patient by using AI-powered diagnostic tools that analyze medical images, patient data, and genetic information.

On this National Technology Day and beyond, we are committed to expanding the use of AI in India and helping businesses across industries leverage this cutting-edge technology to achieve their goals. Through our expertise and experience across the sectors we service, Visionet is looking forward to driving impactful change in India’s rapidly changing digital landscape with AI, thus driving startups and large businesses alike in their quest to lead with innovation.”

Kumar Ritesh,CEO & Cofounder,Cyfirma

While India’s tech startup ecosystem continues to thrive, it’s essential to address the multifaceted challenges that impact our industry’s success. One such challenge lies in the convergence of cybersecurity vulnerabilities with macroeconomic headwinds and heightened geopolitical tensions. As businesses navigate through economic uncertainties and geopolitical complexities, cybersecurity threats become even more formidable.

In addition to traditional cyber threats, emerging technologies like generative AI and deepfakes further compound the cybersecurity landscape, posing novel challenges for startups and enterprises alike. The proliferation of deepfake technology, for instance, raises concerns about misinformation, identity theft, and reputational damage, underscoring the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and threat intelligence.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative and proactive approach from all stakeholders. Tech startups must prioritize cybersecurity as a core component of their business strategy, integrating advanced security solutions and best practices to safeguard against evolving threats. Furthermore, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry can help build resilience and adaptability in the face of emerging risks.

Dinesh Arjun, Cofounder and CEO, Raptee

In the realm of technology, a significant hurdle facing companies lies in navigating the complexities of establishing a robust supply chain, particularly when developing high-voltage technology. This challenge arises from the intricate nature of integrating multiple subsystems and the demand for constant innovation, often amidst constraints in resources. The process demands meticulous planning, precise execution, and a profound understanding of technological intricacies to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the final product.

The task of forging a dependable and efficient supply chain poses a formidable obstacle. Persuading suppliers, especially those accustomed to traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to collaborate with technology firms can be daunting. It necessitates demonstrating unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and longevity in the market, thus showcasing these companies as serious contenders capable of delivering cutting-edge high-tech solutions.

Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure, Inc

"In 2024, the synergy of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital security continues to transform our society and various industries. As we celebrate National Technology Day under this year's theme 'School to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' we reflect on the substantial progress made in utilizing technology to tackle global challenges, particularly in enhancing the security of global supply chains.

This year, we recognize the essential role of innovative technologies in fighting counterfeiting, an issue that affects sectors ranging from FMCG to automotive parts and agrochemicals. Our focus is on creating solutions that not only protect products but also build a culture of trust and authenticity across industries. These advancements are crucial in establishing a safe and dependable market environment for consumers worldwide. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and promoting collaborative efforts, we are laying the foundation for a future where technology and ethical practices merge to create a more secure and just world.

On this National Technology Day, let us commend the resilience and creativity that propel these efforts and inspire the next generation of innovators — from educational institutions to emerging startups.’’

Krishna Rangasayee, Founder and CEO,

"AI and machine learning are not just technologies; they are the architects of a new automated era, transforming everything from vehicles and robotics to healthcare and industrial automation. As the pace of innovation accelerates, so do the challenges it brings. India, with its rich reservoir of talent and innovative spirit, has made significant strides in advanced technology. Yet, we still face hurdles such as high power consumption, complex cooling mechanisms, and critical latency issues which are paramount in fields requiring rapid decision-making, like automotive, drones, and robotics.

This year's theme, 'From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' mirrors our mission at We address real-world problems with our state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our efforts have culminated in the development of our ONE platform for all Edge AI to help companies as their AI/ML journey evolves, from computer vision, to transformers to multi-modal generative AI capabilities.

On this National Technology Day, we are proud to be part of this vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. We are excited about the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the industry and enhance the quality of our daily lives."

Gaurav Singh, CEO, Vector

“National Technology Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the relentless curiosity and innovation that drives progress. This year's theme, 'From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' really resonates with me. At Vector, we see the spark of genius in young minds daily and are passionate about nurturing that potential.

Innovation is what keeps us moving forward, and one of our strongest allies is artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOPS). It's not just a fancy term; it's a powerful tool that can revolutionize how we manage complex IT systems. IT teams are often overwhelmed by the explosion of data from containers, microservices, and multi-cloud environments. This is where Vector steps in by harnessing the power of big data analytics and AIOPS; it sifts through mountains of log and performance data to provide a comprehensive view of assets and dependencies. Imagine being able to see everything happening in your systems, all in one place – that's the power of Vector Platform.

National Technology Day is a day to look towards the future, and at Vector, we believe the future is bright. By fostering a culture of innovation and empowering young minds, we can create a world where technology solves problems and improves our lives. And that's something worth celebrating!" 

Ajay Goyal, Co-founder and CEO, Erekrut

"National Technology Day is a pertinent occasion to reflect on the dual aspects of data privacy and security—challenges that define our digital era and opportunities that can propel us into a safer technological future. Every breakthrough brings its own set of risks, and in our pursuit of innovation, it's imperative we strengthen our commitment to protect data integrity and privacy. Today, let us rededicate ourselves to advancing technology in a way that respects privacy and fortifies security, ensuring a trustworthy digital world for everyone."

Roopak Naresh Gupta, Founder of mTap Digital Business Card

On National Technology Day, we proudly acknowledge India's monumental strides towards digitization, catapulting the nation onto the global stage with unparalleled innovative prowess. Spanning from pioneering advancements in IT to groundbreaking developments in AI and biotechnology, India's tech landscape reverberates with transformative potential. Embracing digitization isn't just about shaping India's future; it's about imprinting an enduring legacy on the global technological map. As digitization rises, it brings forth a plethora of new-age tech solutions and fundamentally alters networking dynamics. India's remarkable technological advancements, particularly in networking, underscore this profound impact. Innovations like AI-driven analytics and NFC-enabled business cards have revolutionized connectivity, seamlessly linking businesses nationwide. This intersection of technology and networking serves as the cornerstone of India's thriving startup ecosystem, igniting entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing a culture of innovation. With AI optimizing operations and NFC facilitating rapid data exchange, startups navigate an unprecedented realm of possibilities and collaborations. On this occasion, at mTap, we reiterate our commitment to harnessing technology as a catalyst for progress, empowering individuals, businesses, and communities, and fostering a brighter, more interconnected world,

Shivam Singla, Founder and CEO, Leegality:

“On National Tech Day, we celebrate the remarkable advancements in technology that are making lives easier, and propelling businesses towards greater efficiency. The wave of technological adoption and expansion that we are seeing today in Indian BFSI is not only helping companies grow, but ensuring that financial services reach the most inaccessible places in our country today. We here at Leegality our happy to play our part in that. Through our Document Infrastructure platform, BFSI companies have successfully digitised paperwork - significantly reducing turnaround times and increasing accessibility. This expansion of financial services to the unbanked and underbanked segments is a true testimony to the power of technology.”

Rahul Nainwal, Director, UPES School of Business.

 “India is brimming with entrepreneurial spirit backed by a massive talent pool of tech-savvy youngsters and innovators. To further accelerate India’s Startup growth, education institutions are playing a vital role in cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets by creating a conducive ecosystem to catalyse and energise research and innovation. A robust startup ecosystem empowers young minds and ensures access to the right mentorship, fostering an environment where innovation and ideas thrive. To support budding entrepreneurs, UPES’ Runway Incubator offers mentorship, financial backing, and legal assistance to help them build scalable businesses. The presence of an incubator on campus exposes students to disruptive ideas and helps them develop practical skills, network with industry experts, and gain hands-on experience in navigating the complexities of the business world. As we continue to champion innovation and entrepreneurship, we pave the way for the next generation of leaders who will drive India's growth story forward with their ingenuity and passion for innovation," for your easy reference.

Rubal Sahni, Area Vice President & Country Manager India - Confluent.

At Confluent, we live and breathe technology every single day, witnessing firsthand how a strong culture of innovation can transform businesses by unleashing the unlimited potential of data in motion. We strive to empower organizations to not only meet their current data challenges but also to unlock the full potential of data and pioneer new frontiers in data management.

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we must instill that same spirit of innovation and technological prowess in the next generation. It's about providing the right educational resources, and exposing them to cutting-edge technologies. This cultivates a mindset geared towards solving problems through the lens of technology. Empowered with these tools, our youth will grow into the tech trailblazers and startup disruptors of tomorrow.

In a digital-first India, we should continue to look at ways to innovate and disrupt the status quo by shifting to a real-time data infrastructure. By harnessing the power of data in motion, enterprises can power real-time customer experiences and data-driven business operations, such as suggesting the next show to watch in real time or providing live information on the status of a grocery order. With Confluent, organizations can set their data in motion to win in the digital-first world.

Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder, Creduce

Let us commemorate on National Technology Day the way in which innovation can drive a sustainable future. Carbon capture, smart grids, and renewable energy capture are all technologies that have the potential to significantly lessen our environmental footprint. Trading carbon credits, which are quantifiable units that attest to the reduction of emissions, motivate organisations to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Through the adoption of carbon markets and investment in these technologies, we can initiate a technological expedition that surpasses our present limitations, thereby guaranteeing a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Soumendra Mohanty, Chief Strategy Officer at Tredence

“India is not only a major source of talent and innovation for the world, but also for Tredence. We are committed to making capability development an essential part of our business strategy. With over 75% of our workforce based in India, we are fortunate to have access to top-notch talent and diverse skill sets to tackle global challenges. Our AI Studio, which has more than 100 engineers in India, reflects our dedication to innovation, with 10% of our revenue allocated to this area poised for future growth.

I believe India can potentially lead the way in AI innovation, especially in emerging areas like Gen AI. By fostering collaborations with startups, academia, and Global Capability Centers (GCCs), and with robust funding and incubation, we can propel this vision forward.

As AI gains momentum, more Indian companies are aligning themselves with this growth by establishing dynamic Centers of Excellence, implementing AI governance frameworks, and appointing dedicated AI leaders.

To further advance the AI agenda, technology companies should prioritize client-centric strategies, address skill gaps through structured training, and foster collaboration across departments to drive sustained innovation.

Suyash Sinha, Founder at Exly:

“The entrepreneurial landscape has been reshaped by technology, a fact we celebrate on National Technology Day. Platforms like Exly have democratized access to markets, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with global audiences and scale rapidly. The integration of analytics and digital marketing tools has been a game-changer, enabling personalized customer experiences. As we look to the future, I see technology continuing to lower barriers, bringing in a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Sriram Kanuri, Founder of Arteria Technologies:

“Technology has been the driving force behind the evolution of enterprises during the last decade. On this National Tech Day, we recognize the role of emerging technologies like Gen AI, cloud computing, ML etc., in significantly contributing to the organizational growth and also plan an important role in their strategy. At Arteria Technologies, we leverage these innovations to provide solutions on supply chain, financing and real-time analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. Looking ahead, I anticipate a future where technology will continue to disrupt traditional business models, leading to more agile and customer-centric enterprises.”

Amit Choudhary, Chief Operating Officer, Wipro Limited.

“On National Technology Day, it is important to celebrate the new frontiers discovered with technology. However, we must also recognise the people – the scientists and engineers – that work tirelessly to take humankind to new heights every single day. We must remember that technology is only as good as the professionals who wield it.

The technology of today is AI, which has a plethora of benefits for professionals. As it takes on more routine and monotonous tasks, the workforce of tomorrow will have far more time to focus on other aspects of their jobs – strategic planning, innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.

While technical skills are obviously paramount, integration of AI allows for these skills to be merged with softer skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and a deep understanding of business.

In this new era, companies must renew their commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, where employees can acquire new skills and adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace. At Wipro, we firmly believe that those who can apply creativity, curiosity, and deep domain and business expertise will be able to differentiate themselves and thrive in this evolving landscape.”