Synology Unveils Enhanced Data Security Against Ransomware in India

Synology unveiled its most recent products. Their latest offerings are designed to counteract the growing danger of ransomware assaults.

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Synology unveiled its most recent products. Their latest offerings are designed to counteract the growing danger of ransomware assaults. The launch of these cutting-edge data management and security solutions designed specifically for the Indian market was commemorated at the event at a press conference in New Delhi, which also explored the evolving trends in data management and security in India.


In India, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) is still having an impact on how companies handle data. The challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in adhering to the more stringent data governance standards established by legislation were recently brought to light by Synology. These difficulties include creating procedures for reporting data breaches, overseeing the rights of data subjects, and, if required, designating Data Protection Officers (DPOs).

In addition to addressing compliance challenges related to stricter DPDPA requirements, the event also focused on pressing cybersecurity concerns. These included recent data breaches such as the Polycab and AIIMS incidents, in which it took AIIMS more than 2 weeks to fully recover the data and operations, ransomware attacks targeting Indian businesses, and cloud security risks associated with data residency and provider trustworthiness.

Additionally, a live demonstration of Snapshot Replication and Active Backup Suite, Synology's unique backup solutions, was held. This showcase featured doable solutions, such as streamlined data recovery procedures, backup solutions that handle ransomware threats and accidental deletion, and prevention of malicious access. The significance of having a thorough backup plan in place to fend off ransomware attacks was emphasised. Three essential stages of a solid data protection procedure using Synology's specialised solutions were highlighted among the main points:


Protecting Against Ransomware Attacks:

Built to strengthen account security for Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operating system that powers every Synology NAS, Secure SignIn is a powerful login framework. Through a variety of techniques, including hardware security keys, approved logins, and verification codes (OTP), this feature guarantees sign-ins. Businesses can significantly reduce the likelihood of ransomware incidents and unauthorised access by implementing these security protocols.

Centralized Data Protection: Easing Deployment Burdens:


One complete data protection solution that stood out was Active Backup for Business, which can simplify protection across different IT configurations. This solution, which is powered by Synology's highly regarded DSM operating system, includes virtualized environments, physical servers, file servers, and personal computers. Synology gave an example of how administrators can use a centralised admin console to efficiently implement and manage data protection plans, ensuring complete backup coverage and seamless operational continuity.

Optimizing Backup: Efficient Data Recovery:

In the demonstration, Snapshot Replication improved backup capabilities against threats like viruses and inadvertent deletion by streamlining data recovery procedures. A mock ransomware attack was launched to demonstrate the system's robustness, and Snapshot Replication was used to quickly restore the data. This demonstration highlighted the value of quick and all-inclusive data solutions for businesses, highlighting Snapshot Replication's efficacy in returning systems to a previous state.


Even in the event of ransomware attacks, administrators can ensure effective data management and recovery by configuring scheduled snapshots and retention settings.

Synology showcased its extensive range of products, meeting the demands of small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise-level storage and data security specifications. The newly released flagship high-density storage server HD6500, which has a storage capacity of up to 4.8 Petabytes, was the focal point of the exhibit. Large enterprise organisations use this server as a backup pool in addition to a central repository for files. Synology demonstrated its dedication to providing complete, scalable, and dependable solutions that are suited to a range of business requirements.

"Synology experienced an impressive 20% market growth last year, driven mainly by the increasing demand from SMBs and enterprises. The surge in demand for Synology's backup solutions, exceeding 20%, can be attributed to India's emergence as a prominent data center hub in the region. This growth has been further fueled by government initiatives encouraging businesses to allocate a greater portion of their IT budget towards security,” said Russell Chen, Country Manager at Synology SAARC region at the launch event.

"The landscape of data management and security is evolving rapidly, compelling businesses to remain ahead of the trend to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive information," said Russell Chen. "Our event aimed to provide insights into the latest industry trends and emerging technologies, empowering businesses with the knowledge to effectively protect their data."

"Synology anticipates another year of substantial growth in the enterprise segment, driven by the market's attention to new technologies and the corresponding storage and backup needs," said Russell Chen. "We're thrilled to announce that we have additional innovative solutions and hardware in development for later this year. Stay tuned for updates, as these upcoming releases will empower businesses to effectively navigate the evolving landscape of data challenges in the future,” he added.