NVIDIA Empowers Indian Creators with GeForce RTX 40 Series Studio PCs

NVIDIA has announced the launch of NVIDIA Studio PCs by several authorized system builders, optimized to leverage RTX AI and NVIDIA Studio features to their fullest potential.

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NVIDIA has announced that many of its authorized system builders have debuted a range of NVIDIA Studio PCs. NVIDIA has conducted comprehensive testing and validation on these PCs, outfitted with GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, to guarantee that they deliver quick and stable performance even in the most demanding creative processes. They also arrive prepared to take full advantage of RTX AI and NVIDIA Studio features. 

India's system-building industry is thriving and expanding thanks to the country's growing need for professionals, gamers, creators, and remote workers. In the second half of 2023, the Indian PC market showed signs of strength, expanding 12.9% year over year.

These users' demands are being met by NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs inside robust systems, which give them unmatched computing experiences. To guarantee that the greatest NVIDIA technologies are available to the Indian market, these systems have been verified by NVIDIA to satisfy the highest requirements of performance and reliability. 


“We’re collaborating with system builders like MVP, Ant PC, Vishal Peripherals, Hitech Computers, XRIG, and Elitehubs to deliver more choices to creators to unleash their creativity,” said Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA South Asia. “GeForce RTX 40 Series Studio PCs unlock unmatched performance in 3D rendering, video editing, productivity, and graphics design. Creators can experience feature-rich RTX accelerations in top creative apps, world-class NVIDIA Studio drivers engineered to provide maximum stability and a suite of exclusive tools that harness the power of RTX for AI-assisted creative workflows.

  • Nvidia has introduced Studio PCs in collaboration with several system builders.
  • These PCs are tailored to simplify tasks for content creators.

    Nvidia guarantees exceptional performance in 3D rendering with these PCs.

GeForce RTX 40 Series: Beyond Fast for Creators


GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs provide massive speedups for 3D rendering, video editing, live streaming, AI

tools, and many other creative tasks. This breakthrough performance is all thanks to NVIDIA’s Ada

Lovelace architecture. Features include:


The most advanced GPU architecture for content creation, providing up to 2x more performance than prior-generation GPUs.

Dedicated hardware to accelerate content-creation tasks: Dual eighth-gen encoders with support for AV1 enable up to 2x faster video

exports and an average of 40% more efficient compression over H.264.


Third-gen Ray Tracing Cores and DLSS 3 to render realistic ray-traced 3D models in real-time up to 4x faster vs. prior-generation GPUs.

Fourth-gen Tensor Cores provide up to 2x performance boost on AI features vs. prior-generation GPUs, enabling faster editing and advanced effects.

New NVIDIA DLSS 3 dramatically boosts 3D creation by using AI to generate additional high-quality frames, making viewports smooth and interactive in supported real-time renderers.


Purpose-Built for 120 Million Creators

The creator market continues to increase, surpassing more than 120 million professional and hobbyist PC creators, up 18% since last year. GeForce RTX Studio PCs benefit from NVIDIA Studio accelerations in over 120 of the most popular creative apps — plus exclusive access to RTX AI-powered apps like NVIDIA Broadcast, NVIDIA Canvas, and RTX Remix.

3D artists can create faster than ever with dedicated ray-tracing cores and DLSS 3; video editors can produce on location faster with AI tools and cut export times in half with dual encoders; live streamers get access to the best quality AV1 encoder and the AI effects from NVIDIA Broadcast; and any creator interested in AI will get the best performance thanks to RTX’s tensor cores and NVIDIA’s optimizations for AI.


Creators can look for the “GeForce RTX Studio PC” sticker on the PC case to identify the NVIDIA Studio-validated system.