Marking Women's Day with Action: Zypp Electric Aims to Empower 2000 Female Riders

On International Women's Day, Zypp Electric, an EV-as-a-service platform in India, unveiled a ground-breaking programme to support women in the green mobility industry.

Manisha Sharma
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Zypp Electric

Zypp Electric

In addition to recognising the accomplishments of women, the world is focusing on resolving the issues they still face as we celebrate International Women's Day. Having access to convenient and safe transportation is one such issue. Women face a variety of challenges when it comes to commuting around the world, such as limited access to dependable transportation options, affordability concerns, and safety concerns. But businesses like Zypp Electric are stepping up to change things.


On International Women's Day, Zypp Electric, an EV-as-a-service platform in India, unveiled a ground-breaking programme to support women in the green mobility industry. In the next 12 months, the company hopes to deploy over 2,000 female rider partners, which would be a big step towards gender equality and offer empowering opportunities in the EV sector. Zypp Electric also intends to roll out 200,000 electric vehicles over the course of the next 24 months, with the objective of having 20,000 female delivery partners, or at least 10% of the total number of EVs deployed.

As part of its dedication to diversity and inclusivity, Zypp Electric has put in place a policy that allows women to be considered for employment from the outset, fostering equal opportunities. Zypp provides a unique joining bonus of INR 2000 to women who sign up as driver-partners, in addition to a customised assurance plan that guarantees their support and safety. Understanding the value of skill development, Zypp offers training tailored to women, enabling them to seek careers as technicians or mechanics in the maintenance teams.

In addition, Zypp Electric works with impact groups and non-governmental organisations to improve the representation of women in the EV industry and promote an inclusive business environment.


Zypp Electric's initiative seeks to upend gender stereotypes, encourage environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and assist women in becoming financially independent. This initiative's impact is already evident, with 340 women riders currently benefiting from earnings exceeding Rs. 25,000.

Rashi Agarwal, Co-Founder & CBO, Zypp Electric, shares her vision for an inclusive workforce that champions gender equality, stating, "At Zypp Electric, we believe in leading by example when it comes to promoting gender equality and providing equal opportunities. Our women riders and employees are integral to our success, and we are committed to supporting them through favourable policies, training programs and an enabling work environment. The intent is to diversify our fleet, provide opportunities to women, and enable them to earn through our platform. This initiative is a step towards a future where our roads are filled with empowered women riders contributing to the economy, growth, and sustainability.

Zypp Electric's initiative extends beyond employing women as rider partners. The company takes a women-first approach in all its operations, employing women in traditionally male-dominated roles such as mechanics, ensuring that women are empowered at all levels of the organization.


Initiatives like Zypp Electric's serve as a reminder of the progress we've made and the work that needs to be done as we commemorate International Women's Day. Encouraging women to have access to transport is not only practical; it's also a critical first step in the direction of gender equality and the development of a more just and equal society.


In conclusion, Zypp Electric's effort to empower 2000 female riders sticks out as a beacon of progress and hope as we consider the significance of International Women's Day. Zypp Electric is not only meeting a pressing need but also opening the door for greater gender equality and female empowerment by giving women access to safe, economical, and environmentally friendly transportation options. Initiatives like this one serve as a reminder that change is possible and that, working together, we can build a future where mobility is unrestricted, as we continue to work towards a world in which every woman can flourish and reach her full potential.