Leadership Shift: Thierry Delaporte Steps Down, Srinivas Pallia Takes the Helm

Discover the latest leadership shift at Wipro: Thierry Delaporte steps down, paving the way for Srinivas Pallia to take charge as CEO. Delve into the implications for Wipro's strategy, culture, and industry standing as Pallia brings his wealth of experience to lead the company forward.

Manisha Sharma
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Thierry Delaporte

In the dynamic environment of corporate management, the above changes may indicate significant changes in strategy, culture, and direction. Such is the case with the recent announcement of Thierry Delaport leaving and Srinivas Palia taking over. This change of leadership is expected to affect not only the organization itself but also the stakeholders and the industry as a whole.


Introduction: The Changing of the Guard at Wipro

Wipro, which has trailed Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and HCLTech in recent years amid a complicated and unfinished turnaround process, announced on Saturday evening that its first chief executive, Thierry Delaporte, would step down.

Delaporte, who spearheaded the company's European expansion since its inception as a manufacturer of consumer goods and vegetable soaps half a century ago, is set to depart to "pursue passions outside the workplace," the company declared. On April 7, Pallia, who is currently in charge of Wipro Americas, will assume the role and serve in it for a five-year term. To guarantee a smooth transition, Delaporte will remain on staff until the end of May, the company stated in a statement.


According to sources, the surprising announcement came after a private meeting of Wipro's key board members on Saturday. Following Mr. Delaporte's departure, the Board of Directors convened on April 6, 2024. Upon the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Pallia has been appointed by the Board as the new Managing Director of Wipro. His appointment will take effect on April 7, 2024, and will be valid for five years, contingent upon approval from the Central Government and shareholders, as required.

Delaporte joined the company from the Capgemini group and became CEO of Wipro on July 6, 2020. He had worked for the French software giant Capgemini for 25 years, during which time he had held the positions of CEO and executive board member.

Prior to last year, Delaporte was the highest-paid CEO in the Indian IT industry, with a compensation package that was higher than that of executives at TCS and HCL Technologies. Based on company filings, Delaporte was paid a substantial salary of more than Rs 82 crore annually.


Srinivas Pallia: The New Face at the Helm of Wipro

Former top-three software leader, Pallia has an outstanding career spanning more than three decades, and he is joining Wipro Limited as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. His extensive knowledge of Wipro's diverse business units, service lines, geographies, and functions allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to his leadership role.

Pallia joined Wipro in 1992 and has held a number of executive roles, such as Global Head of Business Application Services and President of Wipro's Consumer Business Unit. Especially, he has performed exceptionally well in his role as CEO of Americas 1, Wipro's biggest and fastest-growing market, where he oversaw a broad range of industry sectors, carefully planning strategic visions and carrying out growth initiatives.


His academic background includes two degrees from the esteemed Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore: a bachelor's in engineering and a master's in management studies. He has also refined his skills through executive programmes at esteemed establishments like the McGill Executive Institute's Advanced Leadership Programme and the Harvard Business School's Leading Global Businesses programme.

Transition Challenges at Wipro

Senior management at Wipro left under Delaporte's watch, including chief financial officer Jatin Dalal, who left to work for competitor Cognizant. After that, Dalal and another former coworker who also joined Cognizant were sued by Wipro.


In conclusion, Wipro's leadership transition, with Thierry Delaporte stepping down and Srinivas Pallia assuming the role of CEO, signifies a pivotal moment for the company. As Pallia takes the helm, guided by his extensive experience and vision, Wipro is poised to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, reaffirming its commitment to growth, innovation, and market leadership in the dynamic IT services landscape.