InDrive Appoints Vikrant Massey as Brand Ambassador for Indian Market Domination

Discover inDrive India's latest marketing campaign featuring Vikrant Massey, the renowned actor, as their newest brand ambassador. Join Vikrant Massey as he takes on the role of spokesperson for inDrive, one of India's leading ride-hailing services.

Manisha Sharma
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inDrive India has debuted its newest marketing campaign With Vikrant Massey as their newest brand ambassador,  Renowned actor Vikrant Massey is taking on the role of spokesperson for inDrive, one of India's top ride-hailing services.


The campaign's central theme centres on inDrive's dedication to offering good value, highlighting its USP, "Offer Your fare." With this feature, users can decide how much their ride will cost by either offering a fare or choosing from a range of offers made by drivers within the app. The campaign's companion brand film emphasises the typical difficulties Indians encounter in the ride-hailing industry and how inDrive resolves them.

At the event, While speaking to Ciol, Vikrant Massey spoke about the factors behind his decisions to accept the position as Indrive's brand ambassador:

Manisha Sharma(Ciol):What factors influenced your decision to accept the position of brand ambassador for Indrive?


Vikrant Massey: They want to empower their customers, and I want to empower their driver partners. So, to begin with, this was a great commonality that we shared. You know, they are training people, uplifting them, and educating them. I would like to believe that I also do that through my acting and the films I participate in. When you have common aspirations—such as running a business while simultaneously empowering people—I think that likability, that common factor, forms a good, strong foundation for a partnership. That's what I would say."

Avik Karmakar, Senior GTM Manager - South Asia, inDrive commented, Were delighted to have Vikrant Massey on board as the face of inDrive in India. His relatable persona resonates with our diverse audience, aligning seamlessly with our campaign "Ab app ki nahi, aap ki chalegi!"

Vikrant Massey commented, "I am looking forward to being a part of inDrive India's campaign as their brand ambassador. I appreciate the service that inDrive provides to its riders and drivers. inDrive is fair, where instead of the app, the people decide the fare among themselves."


Pavit Nanda Anand, APAC Communications Lead, inDrive commented, "As a brand, at inDrive our mission is Challenging injustice - which is very much connected to our history. This campaign, "Ab app ki nahi, aap ki chalegi!" aims to reiterate our efforts to provide fair pricing opportunities to as many people as possible across different countries around the world."

Vikrant Massey will actively take part in marketing campaigns and CSR projects run by inDrive as part of the campaign, which aims to combat social injustice and advance justice for one billion people.

The campaign will be promoted through a variety of digital channels, such as social media, traditional media like out-of-home advertising in cities, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms like JioCinema during the Indian Premier League.