IDEMIA Teams Up with Seven Prominent French Cybersecurity Firms to Pioneer Quantum Security Solutions

IDEMIA partners with seven leading French cybersecurity companies to develop cutting-edge quantum security solutions, revolutionizing digital protection in the era of quantum computing.

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Amid the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the imminent challenge posed by quantum computing, industry frontrunners are collaborating to forge robust defenses. The Hyperform consortium brings together key players in cybersecurity and post-quantum expertise: IDEMIA Secure Transactions, spearheading the initiative as project coordinator and a premier provider of secure solutions; CryptoNext, specializing in post-quantum cryptography remediation; Atempo, offering data protection solutions; Prim’X, a software publisher specializing in encryption solutions; Synacktiv, an offensive security company and licensed testing laboratory (CESTI); CEA Leti, a global leader in miniaturization technologies enabling smart, energy-efficient, and secure solutions for industry; INRIA, the esteemed French national institute for digital science and technology, renowned for its world-class researchers in cryptography and secure implementation; and the French cybersecurity agency (ANSSI), tasked with supervising the security and performance evaluation of the solution.


Funded by the French government investment plan France 2030, and credits from the European Union, the consortium is a key element in the development of European sovereignty in post-quantum cryptography.

A sovereign quantum-safe offering at the forefront of global industrial research

The arrival of the quantum computer will jeopardize the security of sensitive data. The objective of Hyperform is to design quantum-safe solution that will protect government, enterprise and citizen data from the threat of quantum computer. The consortium will set up a complete demonstrator for cloud data storage, documents archiving and online collaboration, based on sovereign encryption software used to protect the most critical information.


With more than 7.5 million euros invested by the consortium, France 2030 and the European Union, and 29 experts recruited, the Hyperform consortium has very strong ambitions. Over the next three years, the Hyperform consortium will work to develop quantum-safe components so that service providers – including banks, governments, and software companies – can ensure unrivalled data security for their end-user services. The first end-to-end solutions will have the potential to set the standard for the whole industry.

As part of this project, the consortium will develop a next generation quantum-safe chip and create post-quantum cryptographic libraries, enhancing payment transactions as well as identity document reading.

In order to facilitate the transition to these advanced security measures, existing cybersecurity software will be modified. The performance and security of these new solutions will be assessed under the supervision of the ANSSI security agency.

“True to our commitment to provide service providers with state-of-the-art security services, we are very proud to lead the Hyperform consortium. This collaborative project highlights our shared expertise in post-quantum technologies and our joint commitment to crafting solutions that meet industry demands. By working hand-in-hand with the ecosystem, we will be able to develop a robust quantum-safe framework, driving co-innovation and industry-wide progress,” says Marc BERTIN, Chief Technology Officer at IDEMIA Secure Transactions.

With a global team of 800 experts in research and development, IDEMIA Secure Transactions stands at the forefront of technology, particularly in post-quantum cryptography, as a world-leading authority. The company has been a trailblazer in the advancement of post-quantum algorithms and notably, in 2022, achieved a milestone by introducing the first quantum-resistant 5G SIM. The Division recently unveiled the first crypto-agility solution that will enable service providers of secure products to future-proof the security of their products in the post-quantum era.