DigiYatra's App Shuffle: Unexpected App Switch Sparks User Discontent

DigiYatra, India's ambitious digital initiative aimed at revolutionizing air travel through technology, has been a beacon of hope for travelers seeking streamlined processes.

Manisha Sharma
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DigiYatra, India's ambitious digital initiative aimed at revolutionizing air travel through technology, has been a beacon of hope for travelers seeking streamlined processes. But as of late, an unexpected app switch has upset users' familiar digital journey, leaving them unsettled. The transition to a different app platform has caught many off guard, disrupting the seamless experience they had come to rely on.

DigiYatra, when it first launched,  promised a smooth travel experience and mainly relied on its mobile app. This app was a one-stop shop for travelers, helping with everything from flight booking to expediting security checks and check-ins at airports. Many people embraced its intuitive interface and extensive feature set, which turned it into a vital tool for frequent travelers.

When the Digi Yatra app abruptly stopped functioning and was no longer available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, users were left in a difficult situation. It is also said that the new application that users had to download from their respective application stores isn't operating flawlessly. 


Numerous users voiced their displeasure with the sudden switch to the new app and inquired as to why updates weren't made for the older version. Concerns concerning the security of public data were also brought up in a few Google Play Store reviews.  

Users' main concerns are about what happens to their data and preferences that they had accumulated while using the original app. Travelers now feel disoriented and irritated as years' worth of trip history, saved preferences, and customised settings appear to have disappeared into thin air. Furthermore, it has shown that there is a steep learning curve involved in adjusting to the new app—especially for individuals used to the previous interface.

Authorities at Digi Yatra have promised users that continuous improvements and enhancements will be made to address the problems with the new app in response to the growing dissatisfaction. But it will surely be a difficult task to win back the confidence of disillusioned users and restore trust.



“We regret any inconvenience caused due to the upgradation of the Digi Yatra app. This upgrade is part of our ongoing effort to improve our services, as our commitment to enhancing the travel experience among users remains undeterred.”

DigiYatra App: Streamlining Travel Effortlessly


The DigiYatra app allows passengers to register using their ID and image on their Android or iOS devices. To access this feature, users need to complete a one-time registration on the 'DigiYatra' App, which involves Aadhar-based validation and capturing a self-image.

Upon registration, a unique Digi Yatra ID is generated, which passengers must provide when purchasing tickets. This ID, along with passenger data, is then transmitted to the departing airport by the airlines.

During airport transit, the system utilizes facial recognition technology to identify passengers, enabling them to proceed without presenting any physical documents.


The full-scale implementation of the DigiYatra biometric boarding system across all domestic airlines is being carried out in stages, encompassing checkpoints for domestic travel. This systematic rollout aims to integrate biometric technology seamlessly into the boarding process, enhancing efficiency and security for passengers. By gradually introducing this system, airlines can ensure a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions to travel operations. The phased approach allows for thorough testing and optimization, guaranteeing a reliable and effective biometric boarding experience for all passengers.


As the commotion subsides from this unforeseen app switch, it stands as a poignant reminder of the intricate harmony between innovation and user satisfaction. While technological progress is indispensable, it should be introduced with careful deliberation, taking into account the requirements and anticipations of users. For Digi Yatra, mastering this delicate balance will be essential in steering towards a genuinely revolutionary travel experience.