Dell Technologies launches a new lineup of AI-powered commercial PCs in India

During his conversation with Ciol, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager of Dell Technologies India, discussed how these AI PCs will revolutionize work processes.

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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies unveiled its newest line of mobile workstations and laptops with AI integrated into them. With the tech industry changing at a faster rate than before, Dell's announcement was a shining example of innovation, promising to place companies and their workers at the forefront of the AI revolution.


Tech enthusiasts and business executives gathered at the launch event to see Dell's new Latitude and Precision portfolios, each carefully designed to push the limits of productivity and teamwork.

Speaking from the platform, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager of Dell Technologies India, said, "Dell commercial PCs have been fueling transformation for decades, and the advancements in AI capabilities in our latest generation of devices will help our customer's workforce a leg up on the competition to lead their industry into the AI era. The new Latitude and Precisions delivers AI-enhanced productivity and collaboration for business professionals in the hybrid work era. As the AI landscape evolves, our new commercial portfolio empowers our customers and their workforce with performance, highest security, portability, and sustainability, further helping them navigate the complexities of modern work environments with confidence and ease.”

The newest Latitude lineup was highlighted, a symphony of cutting-edge technology that accentuated the core benefits of AI in the workplace. Dell spared no detail in its pursuit of perfection, producing the world's smallest 14-inch commercial PC, the Latitude 9450 2-in-1, with its captivating InfinityEdge QHD+ display and ground-breaking Zero-Lattice Keyboard, and the adaptable Latitude 7350 Detachable, a beast that combines portability and performance.


Every device from Dell reflected the company's dedication to sustainability, with materials selected with care to reduce environmental impact. Every element, from post-consumer plastics to recycled aluminum, demonstrated Dell's commitment to a more environmentally friendly future. While the audience was in awe of the Latitude series' accuracy and craftsmanship, their focus shifted to the formidable Precision 5490, a performance monster housed in an incredibly mobile frame. With its sophisticated thermal systems and AI-enhanced updates, the Precision 5490 looked to be the perfect travel companion for professionals looking for unwavering productivity.

The new Latitude portfolio delivers the essence of AI

The smooth progression of technology is causing a radical change in the modern workplace. Artificial Intelligence and automation have eased boring tasks and freed employees to dedicate their efforts to more creative and compute-intensive work. Latitude 9450 2-in-1, which is the smallest 14-inch commercial PC in the world, is ideal for executives, salespeople, and consultants. It has a spectacular 16:10 InfinityEdge QHD+ display, where lots of inventive applications are crammed. It is the only commercial PC in the globe with a Zero-Lattice Keyboard and Haptic Collaboration Touchpad. The keyboard supports Mini-LED backlit innovations, which reduces the keyboard’s power usage to 75% and improves battery life.


The Latitude 7350 Detachable is the world’s most versatile commercial detachable. Coming in as a slim and light tablet, in one, the Latitude 7350 is designed to combine the convenience and portability of a tablet with performance. Whether it is for desk-based or mobile users, the Latitude 7350 is a robust device with a sophisticated thermal system built to support quicker computing. This involves the combination of several new thermal modes, such as a smart-controlled thermal system, which permits up to 51% faster performance.

The 7350 Detachable, the most serviceable commercial detachable in the world, is designed for unmatched durability and is enhanced by its elegant circular design. The 7350 Detachable display uses ComfortView Plus to lessen harmful blue light and has a 3k resolution.

Mobile professionals can enjoy a superior experience with the Latitude 7000 series. With their incredibly portable form factors, these devices provide AI PC performance. The world's lightest premium commercial laptop is the Latitude 7350 Ultralight, which weighs only 0.98 kilograms. An improved level of collaboration is offered by the 5MP webcams, top-firing speakers, and Dell Collaboration Touchpad. The Latitude 74502-in-1 provides active pen support in addition to Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. These gadgets, which have enhanced AI capabilities, have a battery life that is up to 19% longer than the previous generation.


The 5000 series' new Latitude 5450, which has up to 19% recycled content, stands out for its environmentally friendly design. Thanks to its Intel Core UltraU-series processor, the Latitude 5450 can perform up to 10% better than its predecessor in terms of web browsing, video conferencing, productivity, and content creation.

Taking a Precision Approach to Productivity

Devices that provide seamless portability and productivity enhancement are necessary for today's workforce. Professionals can now operate productively from any location, as fixed workspaces are no longer a barrier to productivity. In an incredibly portable device, the new Precision 5490 offers uncompromising performance and user experience. It has a 14-inch InfinityEdge touch-enabled display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Updates on the device with AI enhancements increase user productivity in business and industry applications. Dell has integrated advanced thermal management systems to efficiently handle workloads.


Promoting environmentally friendly PC technology 

In the design and manufacture of laptops, sustainability is essential. With regards to materials, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, as well as designing for energy recovery and efficiency, Dell is striving to minimize waste and emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle. To reduce its environmental impact, Dell places a high priority on the use of recyclable packaging, energy-efficient components, and renewable or renewable materials.

During his conversation with Ciol, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager of Dell Technologies India, discussed how these AI PCs will revolutionize work processes. Dive into the article to learn more:


How these AI PCs will do things differently?

Keeping the end user in mind, the devices we have launched today include the Latitude 9450 2-in-1, Latitude 7350 Detachable,Latitude 7450 2-in-1, Latitude 7350 Ultralight, Latitude 5450 and Mobile Precision 5490. All of the products and solutions that we are bringing in are on the basis of a persona-based mechanism. For example, whether it is an AI developer, a knowledge worker, or a power user, each has a different requirement. We take pride in terms of offering the right solutions across these personas. This would help in terms offacilitatingmore collaboration,effectiveness and productivity gains coming in with the latest commercial portfolio. 

Could you provide an example of how Dell Optimizer optimizes performance based on user behavior, particularly in the context of hybrid work scenarios?


I will give you a few examples. In one of them, you mentioned the hybrid setup, where the user may work from the office or while on the move. For instance, if the user wants to connect their device, typically they would manually search for a network with stronger signal strength and connect to it. However, with Dell Optimizer, it automatically scans for available routers in the vicinity and connects to the one with the highest signal strength.

This feature significantly saves time. That's one aspect. Another feature is particularly useful for those working from home, where there might be background noise such as pets or traffic. Dell Optimizer reduces this background noise when using collaborative tools, benefiting both the speaker and other team members on the call.

This noise-cancellation capability is one of its key features. Thirdly, I mentioned the security aspect. Dell Optimizer automatically blanks the screen when needed, among other security measures.

How does Intel vPro contribute to the performance of AI features in these devices?

Intel vPro is primarily focused on manageability. We have been integrating Intel vPro into some of our Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision workstation models over the years. It remains a key aspect of manageability along with Dell's management suites.

What about the availability of the product?

These products are currently available for purchase, and we are prepared to ship them out to customers promptly. We are fully prepared for this endeavor. We intend to offer this product across various router markets, without restriction to any specific market. In short, it will be available across all markets.