Cooling the Digital Age: Schneider Electric's Cutting-Edge Factory Inaugurated in Bangalore

Schneider Electric inaugurates a new cooling factory in Bangalore on Thursday, 21, March 2024, focusing on innovative solutions to meet growing data center demand.

Manisha Sharma
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Schneider Electric inaugurates a new cooling factory in Bangalore on Thursday, 21, March 2024, focusing on innovative solutions to meet growing data center demand. Covering 6.5 acres and constructed with an investment of Rs 100 Crores, 85% of its products will be exported, serving data center, Housing, Industry, and Infrastructure sectors. A full-fledged Schneider Electric property that enhances the company’s global supply chain.


The inauguration of Schneider Electric's latest factory highlights its ongoing dedication to offering innovative solutions and products recognized for their efficiency and longevity. This advanced manufacturing facility specializes in developing cooling solutions tailored for data centers, telecommunication, commercial, and industrial sectors, serving both domestic and international markets.

Talking about the investment plan for India, The President of Schneider Electric India, Deepak Sharma, stated to PTI during the plant inauguration event that the company plans to invest Rs 3,200 crore to establish India as a manufacturing hub for the group. This initiative includes the setup of manufacturing facilities for a range of products and solutions across the country.

The factory's main focus will be on manufacturing the following products:


Latest generation in-row cooling systems: These systems deliver precise cooling directly to the heat source, enhancing server performance while reducing energy consumption.

High-efficiency chillers: These chillers provide dependable and efficient cooling solutions suitable for data centers of various sizes.

Primary Air Handling Unit (PAHU), Precision Air Conditioning (PAC), and FANWALL systems: These systems are installed in data center halls to offer a more cost-effective and energy-efficient method of bringing in cool outdoor air. FANWALL systems, in particular, provide maximum flexibility, optimized airflow, and reduced turbulence alongside enhanced efficiency.


He also mentioned that the company is establishing factories in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, and Odisha. Currently, the company operates 30 factories throughout India, including the newly inaugurated cooling solutions factory. Sharma stated that the company is actively involved in setting up various facilities in India. This cooling solutions factory will concentrate on creating innovative cooling solutions to address the rapidly increasing demand in the data center ecosystem. The new factory, spanning approximately 6.5 acres, represents an investment of Rs 100 crore (approximately EUR 10 million).

Schneider has partnered with the top 1,000 Schneider suppliers. We want to reduce 50% of the CO2 reduction by 2025. And luckily, last year we already reached 25% said the company’s spokesperson.

Sharing his thoughts, Pankaj Sharma, EVP, Secure Power Division & Data Center Business, Schneider Electric, said, “The data center industry is currently facing numerous challenges, and one of the significant issues is energy volatility. With the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, the demand for data processing is increasing rapidly, leading to an increased demand for cooling solutions.


To cater to this growing need, our factory is equipped to manufacture efficient cooling solutions that not only address the cooling requirements of high-density computing environments but also contribute to building resilient and sustainable data center infrastructure. Our local manufacturing capabilities position us well to support data center operators in India and globally in achieving optimal cooling performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability."

Sachin Bhalla, VP, Schneider Electric Secure Power Division, India and SAARC, said, “The data center industry in India is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by the increase in cloud computing, AI, and other data-driven applications. The Indian government actively promotes domestic production through the Make in India initiative, further contributing to this growth. As a result, India is becoming a hub for data centers. This has inspired us to open a new facility, which reinforces Schneider Electric's commitment to fostering India's data center ecosystem while also addressing global demand.

The new factory is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and specializes in producing cooling products and solutions designed specifically for data centers, telecommunications, commercial, and industrial applications, catering to both domestic and international markets.