Advertisment, Paralaxiom Partner on Vision AI for Public Safety in India, an initiative of the DeepTech for Bharat Foundation, collaborates with Paralaxiom Technologies to develop a pioneering public AI model aimed at enhancing public safety in India.

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Vision AI, a DeepTech for Bharat Foundation initiative, is developing a first-of-its-kind public AI model in collaboration with technology partner Paralaxiom Technologies to enhance public safety in India through visual awareness.


Empowering India's AI Revolution:

AI is developing quickly on a global scale, bringing in a time when humans and AI will coexist. India, the nation with the second-highest population in the world and the one with the fastest-growing economy, is heavily involved in the AI revolution. With senior technocrats, researchers, policy experts, and startup founders among its members, seeks to democratise artificial intelligence access and empower the most marginalised, thereby mitigating the disparities they encounter in this quickly developing ecosystem. 

Transforming Public Safety:


In a major step towards advancing its goals, is creating a ground-breaking Vision AI model in partnership with Paralaxiom Technologies, which recognises the obstacles and shortcomings in the field of public safety. The purpose of this model is to improve public safety by utilising CCTV camera feeds to provide real-time monitoring and alerts. This minimises the need for significant human intervention and ensures faster incident response times.

“AI has the potential to transform industries ranging from healthcare to agriculture,” stated Shashi Shekhar Vempati, Co-Founder, DeepTech for Bharat Foundation (the non-profit behind “However, in India, we face unique challenges such as the lack of accessible, large-scale public datasets that accurately reflect our socio-economic and cultural diversity. aims to promote policies that encourage data sharing while safeguarding privacy and data security.”

Alok Agarwal, Co-Founder, DeepTech for Bharat Foundation (, emphasized the forum's commitment to addressing India's unique AI adoption challenges. "Artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize how industries operate, and we at aim to act as a catalyst for positive change. Our goal is to create more democratized and equitable models tailored to the Indian context, leading India into a future where AI enriches lives and shapes a more prosperous society."


AI4India's Vision AI model, developed with Paralaxiom Technologies, is set to revolutionize public safety in India. This model will evaluate real-time camera feeds, alerting authorities to any abnormal activities. Trained on Indian public conditions, including diverse demographics, attire, vehicles, and landscapes, the model aims to provide accurate and timely alerts.

"The model, trained on vast amounts of public video feeds sourced from law enforcement and municipal bodies, will be accessible to developers for building various safety and vision-based applications," said Kshitij Sharma, CEO of Paralaxiom Technologies. We invite data owners with access to public video footage to partner with us in this mission to make India safer."

Through strategic partnerships, creative solutions, and extensive skill-building initiatives, the forum, an initiative of the DeepTech for Bharat Foundation, aims to create an ecosystem that empowers individuals and organisations to leverage AI for positive impact and growth in India. To join its mission of utilising AI for the public good and building a more secure and inclusive society, the forum extends an invitation to data owners, developers, and stakeholders.