Tech tears letter in shreds, kills other joys

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LONDON, UK: The traditional way of life appears to be fast vanishing down the memory lane, thanks to modern technology.


According to a British study, things like writing a letter to reading a map are among the top 50 tasks that have been wiped out by technology.

Top of the list of 3,000 adults quizzed was the fall in ringing the cinema to check the times of films. Printing out photographs was the second least popular activity these days. While VHS (Video Home System) recording came third in the list, thanks to a reliance on recordable DVDs and catch-up TV, the Daily Mail reported.

The findings show how one in five people admit never being out of reach of an internet device, as an average Briton now has more than four computing devices at their home - more than double the number they owned a decade ago.


The study found the smart phones' popularity has eliminated the need for telephone directories, address books, or reversing the charges in phone boxes.

Computers have led to a decline in the number of people with pen friends while most of us rarely buy TV listings, have no need to try on hundreds of pairs of shoes on the High Street, or go into banks to conduct their business, the study says.

Paying bills at the post office, checking a map before or even during a car journey are also falling by the wayside. Booking online has seen a decline in trips to the travel agents while using public telephone boxes, thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones, is also close to non-existent for most of us, it further says.

Claire Galbois-Alcaix of online back-up specialists, which commissioned the research, said: "These findings show that Brits are using technology to replace many of our traditional ways of life, as we move to a more digital world."