Tech Entrepreneurs: 20 Slack Communities you might want to join

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CIOL Tech Entrepreneurs:20 Slack Communities you might want to join

Human beings are social animals. They need a community to realize their full potential. And obviously, when so many people work together, the community as a whole grows and progresses. Relax, we aren’t talking community building here or driving home any social message.


The communities, I am talking about are online forums especially for tech entrepreneurs where they can seek support, advice, feedback or find someone with the same mindset to make things happen.

Messaging platform, Slack which was originally built to replace internal emails and make messaging between teams easier over the course of two years adapted itself to become a powerful empowerment tool for community builders.

Here is a list of 20 Slack communities you might want to join to get inspiration, suggestions, feedback or simply to make connections with like-minded people.



Created back in 2006 and recently moved to Slack, #Launch is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers and maker. It is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.



Provides a chat community for entrepreneurs who want to connect with other small business owners.You can share your ideas, learnings and have conversations with budding entrepreneurs.


A community on Slack for beginner entrepreneurs. A place to discuss, shares, get help and acquire feedback.



It is a small forum for finding collaborators for your side project or finding a side project to join. If you have a side project idea join this channel to start chatting with other side projecteers.

The Official Slack Intrapreneurs Group


Intrapreneurs Group is a Slack platform for entrepreneurs looking to innovate new enterprise utilities and consumer facing packages from the inside of an existing business.


A community for digital nomad entrepreneurs with ever increasing active members including programmers, CEO’s, marketing specialists, content and product managers and many more interesting people.


Product Manager HQ

One of the largest Slack communities for product managers. Join this community to learn how to break into product management and succeed in your job.

SaaS Alliance


An invite-only community for SaaS founders & professionals.It was established to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.

Maker Hunt

A Slack chat for driven product makers from the Product Hunt community.


The first women-only community of female founders on Slack. Join hundreds of female founders around the world.

Startup Study

At Startup Study lots of investors, startup founders, and mentors help each other to succeed.


A paid Slack group connecting the London tech community including creative entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers and freelancers. The entry fee is £9.99.

The Equity Directory

An invite-only network of entrepreneurs and service providers looking to exchange work for equity.


One of the pioneering Slack communities.#nomads is a digital nomad chat community with over 10,000 members. There is an entry fee of $65.

Launch Tribe

An elite community of entrepreneurs and marketers. Engage with like-minded people, answer each other’s questions, get suggestions and feedback from brilliant minds to accomplish your goals.


An engaging and exciting community for ambitious entrepreneurs under 25.


Another paid global startup community on Slack with over 3000 founders and investors from across the globe. $20 is the entry fee.

Bootstrapped Chat

A casual place to hang out, chat and connect with other bootstrappers just like you.

Founded X

A community uncovering local startup scenes where you can connect with 1,000+ founders worldwide.

Online Geniuses

Join the forum to debate trends, discuss the latest industry topics, network, and learn from each other.

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