Aerospike Secures $109M in Growth Capital from Sumeru Equity Partners

The partnership between Aerospike and Sumeru heralds a new phase of growth and innovation in the realm of real-time data processing and AI applications

CIOL Bureau
New Update


Aerospike has announced a significant milestone with the closure of a $109M growth capital investment from Sumeru Equity Partners ("Sumeru"), alongside additional backing from existing investor Alsop Louie Partners. This injection of funds highlights the robustness of Aerospike's product offerings and its commendable business performance.


The investment will propel Aerospike's efforts in enhancing innovation and expanding its go-to-market capabilities for its core transaction, analytics, and AI solutions. Of particular note are the vector and graph databases, which are experiencing a surge in demand due to the escalating needs of the global data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) software market, projected to hit $251B by 2027 according to IDC Research.

Aerospike is already a trusted provider for many leading global enterprises, including Adobe, AppsFlyer, Barclays, Flipkart, Myntra, PayPal, and Riskified, powering numerous transactional and machine learning applications. Its solutions enable organizations to feed real-time data to AI/ML systems swiftly and cost-effectively, distinguishing it from competitors.

Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike, emphasized the company's readiness to tackle the challenges posed by the burgeoning AI landscape, stating, "The Aerospike database is purpose-built for unprecedented scale, highest performance, and lowest latency, perfectly aligning with the surge in real-time data demand. We are thrilled to collaborate with Sumeru as we embark on our next growth phase to further innovate and invest in our products."


Sumeru Equity Partners, known for its focus on enterprise software companies, will provide Aerospike with not just capital but also scaling partnership and operational expertise. George Kadifa, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sumeru, highlighted Aerospike's potential in becoming a foundational element for the next generation of real-time AI applications, citing its impressive performance metrics and expanding customer base.

Aerospike's AI-ready Vector and Graph Databases offer remarkable efficiency gains, operating on significantly reduced infrastructure compared to alternatives, thus contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability efforts. Noteworthy features include the Aerospike Graph, facilitating high-throughput graph queries, and the Aerospike Vector Search, ensuring consistent accuracy in large-scale real-time data processing.

Guy Machlev, VP of Engineering at Riskified, commended Aerospike for enabling significant improvements in accuracy and scalability, expressing anticipation for the company's continued development in delivering powerful solutions.