Tally Solutions partners with AWS to run businesses remotely

Tally Solutions and AWS aims to provide entrepreneurs access to TallyPrime anytime on any network and do business on the move

CIOL Bureau
New Update

Tally Solutions, India’s leading business management software provider, has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering, to make Tally Solutions’ flagship product TallyPrime available on AWS.


This availability will enable all TallyPrime users to run their entire business application remotely anytime, anywhere.

Over the past few years, more so since the pandemic has hit, many SMEs have sought solutions to help them operate their businesses through remote technologies to enable anytime anywhere access of business-critical functions and data.

A recent NASSCOM study has said that nearly 60% of SMEs have adopted some form of cloud computing as an indicator towards this, most being at nascent stage of adoption.


The collaboration between Tally Solutions and AWS aims to provide entrepreneurs access to TallyPrime anytime on any network, using laptops, desktops, or mobile devices so they can do business on the move. With AWS, each customer’s data volume is encrypted by default.

Security is built into every component of the solution with secure pins, password enabled backups and more. TallyPrime on AWS will empower small and medium entrepreneurs to manage their business more efficiently.

TallyPrime running on AWS is affordable and the price points were considered thoughtfully to cater to the needs of small businesses, especially during these uncertain times. The solution will work on all Windows, Linux and Mac-based systems when accessed through a browser. The solution will be distributed by Elcom Digital and customer engagements led by a group of Tally’s certified partners called TVU Priority partners.