TalentSprint takes down its paywall for online job preparation programs

To empower and create a level playing field for millions of Indian youth who are aspirants job based on competitive exams

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TalentSprint takes down its paywall for online job preparation programs

TalentSprint has announced plans to make its paid online job preparation programs free for all job-seekers starting July 1, 2019. Earlier, TalentSprint’s online job preparation programs, which include 6000 videos, 2000 ebooks and 150,000 practice questions, had a price tag. In the last five years, over 1 lakh students across India enrolled in these paid online programs to hone their core aptitude and programming skills, and prepare for aspirational jobs in Banking, Govt and IT sectors. The premium content enjoyed high customer approval and favorable social media ratings.


Effective July 1, TalentSprint will throw open all premium content to young graduates and job-seekers through its YouTube channels. All its videos, ebooks and practice questions will be made available in a structured and phased manner to enable youth to succeed in job-linked exams, irrespective of affordability concerns. In addition, TalentSprint’s star faculty will conduct periodic live classes on these channels to keep its audience abreast of upcoming exams, preparation strategies, and latest question patterns.

Dr. Santanu Paul, Co-Founder and CEO of TalentSprint, said: “Deep penetration of internet coupled with affordable smartphones have empowered Indian youth to learn from best-in-class instructors without leaving their homes. We decided to throw open our rich content library, designed and developed by leading subject matter experts, for the express benefit of millions of first time job seekers. We aim to make the course content accessible for young graduates and new professionals so that to acquire the aptitude and coding skills required in order to get their first career break.”

During the same time, 2 million young job seekers consumed TalentSprint’s free content, a small subset of its premium content library. Most of these free learners residing in semi-urban and rural areas have issues with affordability and have repeatedly requested the company for frictionless access to its premium content. Based on its research, the company decided that taking down the paywall would greatly benefit such motivated learners, have a salutary impact on their preparation, and level the playing field in a hyper-competitive job market.

Speaking on the occasion, Sridhar K, Chief Business Officer of TalentSprint, said “Majority of aspirants write their job exams in English, while most YouTube channels cater to Hindi-speaking audiences. Videos and live classes on TalentSprint’s YouTube channels will be delivered in English to serve the largest segment of exam writers. We will release our entire premium content library over the next 6 months to provide free and holistic preparation for all.”

The premium content library for online job preparation will be made available via the YouTube channels titled TalentSprint Aptitude Prep and TalentSprint Coding Prep. Job seekers can subscribe to these channels.