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CALIFORNIA— Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the sixth update to the Solaris 9 Operating System (OS) for SPARC and x86 systems, and the availability of next generation Solaris functionality through the next release of Software Express for Solaris. This update, will bring benefits like improvements to Solaris volume manager, performance enhancements and additional platform support for the new Sun AMD Opteron processor and UltraSPARC IV processor-based systems. Additionally, Software Express allows customers to begin early usage of new, innovative enhancements coming to the OS, including N1 grid containers, dynamic tracing (DTrace) and a cryptographic framework with process rights management, which can enable system administrators to achieve higher levels of utilization, performance and tighter controls for system and data security.


Through Sun's alliance with AMD, the two companies plan to provide customers with a seamless growth path to 64-bit x86 computing at compelling price points, while enabling 32-bit and 64-bit application co-existence. Customer adoptions are also showing that Solaris x86 is providing the reliability and uptime that customers are looking for.

What is Software Express program?

The Software Express Program for Solaris allows users to get the latest features and technologies as they are integrated into the Solaris Operating System for both the SPARC and x86 platform. This program delivers the very latest work-in-progress code base from our Sun Development team in monthly intervals. Each follow on release will be a full build containing the very latest features and technologies integrated into the software at the end of each development cycle.


Developers, Early-Adopters, and the Community can benefit from this program. Developers can stay ahead of the competition by integrating their new products with the latest software from Sun, making it possible to have their products compatible and ready for market at the same time as Sun's general releases.

In-house developers, including those in universities, research organizations, and IT organizations can leverage Sun's product enhancements much earlier than they could before.

Enterprise IT organizations can assess the benefits of Sun's most current innovations long before they are released, reducing costs by testing applications and new features before they are deployed throughout their companies. Community members can stay on top of the technology curve with more rapid access to new features, refinements, and bug fixes.

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