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CHENNAI, INDIA: TAKE Solutions, a technology solutions provider to the Supply Chain Management and Life Sciences domain, on Monday announced the launch of Xtended Process Control (X.PC) 5.8 supplier relationship management software.


The enhanced version advances purchasing cycles by offering new vendor-managed inventory and visibility features that provide external suppliers full-visibility into inventory levels across warehouses and external depots, said a press release.

As a result, suppliers are able to automatically manage and replenish materials to reduce inventory overage and ascertain products are received on time, thus lowering procurement costs, ensuring product availability, and improving efficiency, claimed the company.

X.PC enables organizations to reduce inventory discrepancies by better managing the freight of inbound material and control visibility to all parts not normally tracked in the ERP, as well as ensure product quality through part non-conformance.


With the new vendor-managed inventory (VMI) capability, ERP data integration allows for quick views of on-hand quantity and demand from sales orders or manufacturing. In addition, partners can quickly identify and respond to shortages of materials via a color-coded 'inventory dashboard', forecasting in 14-day and 12-week timeframes.

VMI also provides external suppliers with a birds-eye view into warehouses and external depots so on-hand inventory levels are monitored and maintained. Such visibility into supplier inventory levels provides buyers the required intelligence to respond and reschedule if and when supply chain disruptions occur.

“We are seeing organizations shift towards online collaboration as a primary source for conducting inventory transactions between trading partners,” said Matt Walker, executive vice president, Supply Chain, TAKE Solutions. “This latest version of X.PC demonstrates our continued commitment to this space that has proven to reduce order processing time, improve on-time delivery, and save literally millions of dollars annually to our customers’ bottom line.”

The new software also features Improved Demand Collaboration, Advanced Package Management, Increased Purchase Order Visibility, Enhanced Transaction Manager and Service Requests etc.