Taiwan makers showcase innovative lighting solutions

New Update

TAIPEI, TAIWAN: Taiwan's Green Trade Project Office has made Istanbul its fourth stop, after Sao Paulo, Chongqing and Tianjin, for its 2013 emerging market campaign, bringing a delegation of exhibitors to participate in the LED & LED Lighting Exhibition held on September 26-29 at the Istanbul Expo Center.


A 'Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion' (Hall 10, Booth B-630) is set up to present a variety of LED lighting solutions offered by Taiwanese manufacturers, ranging from innovative LED components to award-winning consumer lighting products.

Li-Yen Ma, Division chief of the Integrated Marketing Division at the Green Trade Project Office, said: "We have seen emerging countries, where energy demand is significantly boosted by strong economic growth, have been searching for diversified sources of energy as well as more energy-efficient products. We believe Taiwan's energy-saving LED solutions can certainly fulfill the needs.

"Taiwan has been the largest LED component manufacturer in the world, and has been lately expanding its innovation capacity for offering more complete lighting solutions to global customers. The 'Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion' is intended to serve as a platform where buyers and visitors around the world may experience Taiwan's innovative products first-hand."


Exhibitors at the 'Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion' include Taiwan's leading LED chip supplier Formosa Epitaxy; TYC Brother Industrial, one of the world's largest automotive lighting product makers; Lei Yueh Enterprise, an innovative LED lighting product manufacturer, which has won several international design awards such as the iF and Red Dot Design Awards; apm Communications of the Unimicron Group; Topunion Globaltek; Beautylight Optronics; and Torch Industrial, presenting a wide range of LED lighting products.

Everlight Electronics, Taiwan's leading LED maker and also a three-time winner of the Taiwan Green Classics Award, showcases its 8W LED light bulb line. The dimmer-free LED light bulb from BenQ is a double winner, claiming both Taiwan Green Classics and Taiwan Excellence Awards.

NEXGEN Mediatech (Chimei Group) had won the iF and Red Dot Design Awards with its swan-like desk lamp. QisDesign combines form and light with its "fordable" BE Light and the innovative "Piano" floor light.

Winner of the 2013 iF Product Award, the BE Light can be folded down flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm when not in use. The "Piano" floor light, with each key serving as an individual switch, allows users to interact with light just like playing the piano.