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Reverse Mentoring… Time for the Old Dog to learn some new tricks of the game

By : CIOL Bureau 1

I own a new most updated phone which was recently purchased. It is a struggle to understand and get used to the new settings and features. Where do I go to solve my issue, where can I seek the answers

Making Industry 4.0 work: 8 vital elements for right framework

By : CIOL Bureau

Industry 4.0 relies on a large volume of devices and masses of data to be successful. Businesses must process data into timely and valuable information if they are to integrate it into production processes. For example, there is little use

Were you the lucky one during Amazon sale “Prime Day”?

By : CIOL Bureau

Time and again we have seen instances where the quality of an application is compromised leading to challenges, customer escalations and financial loss to organizations. A similar incident happened recently with Amazon during their annual prime day in the US

Xebia Launches Survey on Digitization

By : CIOL Bureau

Xebia Group has announced the launch of ‘State of Agility 2019 Survey’ globally. The survey intends to bring the most salient developments in the world of Agile to the fore. The theme of the survey is “Digitization through enterprise-wide Agile