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What are the Work From Home liberalized reforms that will transform Indian IT and ITes globally?

By : Laxitha Mundhra

To qualitatively improve the Ease of Doing Business of the IT Industry particularly Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Enabled Services, the Government has drastically simplified the Other Service Provider (OSP) guidelines of the Department of Telecom. The new guidelines

The Virus Impact: 10 tips to cope from home

By : CIOL Bureau

Shyam Malhotra is a New Delhi based Executive and Business Coach. Here he shares his insights on how to deal with the new lockdown reality that has gripped the globe after the Covid-19 pandemic. The flavour of coaching—like everything else

Lockdown will extend in India and you will still be Working from Home. Here are 9 tips to make it more officelike.

By : Laxitha Mundhra

It is the second to last day of the 21-day lockdown. In a video conference with the PM, state CMs have asked PM Modi to extend the lockdown. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab and Odisha have mandatorily increased the lockdown till 1st