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EventBot joins the latest category of malware to steal financial data

By : CIOL Bureau

In a recent study, Cybereason pointed out a new malware that has been affecting the financial application world.  In their blog, they wrote about the malware, called EventBot that steals user data from financial apps. The major apps included in

RTM Banking Trojan hits Over 1.3 Lakh Users

By : CIOL Bureau

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a surge in activity by the RTM Banking Trojan: with the overall number of users attacked in 2018 exceeding 130,000 – an increase from as few as 2376 attacked users in 2017. The pace of

Xbot: Trojan that steals banking credentials

By : CIOL Writers

There are thousands of apps available for almost everything and thousands of malware trying to enter and corrupt those apps and devices. Latest to join the league is Xbot. However, Xbot is not widespread yet but, it is targeting devices

Should SMBs in India be wary of Trojan-emails?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Attackers have been spreading two families of remote access Trojans (RATs) to small businesses in

Samsung, Micromax still chasing away Ghost Push?

BANGALORE, INDIA: In September 2015, Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab warned Android users against a new