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A look at issues plaguing Net Neutrality

MUMBAI, INDIA: Share a picture you took in the restaurant last night? WhatsApp! Had a video chat with your friend or relative in the United States? Skype! How much did you pay for while using these two apps for sharing

Indian Parliament stands by Net Neutrality

DELHI, INDIA: Following rigorous protests by angry netizens and articles by activists, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology (PSCIT), has finally taken a stand in favor of Net Neutrality. An article in the Economic Times today quoted Anurag Thakur,

Is the Internet losing its ethos?

PUNE, INDIA: Consider these examples. We have been reading heart wrenching stories about violence on women in news papers. Not surprisingly, women’s security is hot topic. And jumping the bandwagon are the independent software vendors (ISVs) who are developing applications

Differential pricing will hit India’s digital economy: Analyst

MUMBAI, INDIA: The pending TRAI decision on establishing a regulatory framework for Web-based OTTs if gets passed will have serious implications on millions of Indian’s lives. While the there is a lot of debate going on about the ramification of

You have 11 days to present your case against net neutrality

MUMBAI, INDIA: The countdown has begun. Net Neutrality, that has taken the country by storm, threatens to convert into a positive tsunami with thousands of Netctivists fervently urging the e-citizens to present their case. Leading the revolution is none other

TRAI proposes heavy fine on telemarketing firms

Recommends fine up to Rs 2.5 lakh on firms making unsolicited calls to customers who have registered under do not call registry