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Tesla crash opens doors for advanced innovations in driver-less tech

By : CIOL Writers

The fatal crash of a Tesla self-driving car that left one dead has proven to be a trigger for the development of advanced and sensitive systems to help vehicles see and drive themselves safely, investors and analysts said. Goldman Sachs

BMW partners with Intel, Mobileye to develop driver-less car technology

By : CIOL Writers

As automakers race against Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Tesla, and Apple to develop driverless vehicles, BMW has teamed up with Intel and Mobileye seeking to harness their expertise in areas including machine learning and mapping. The development of

Tech This Week: Cannes, Brexit, Tesla: Full of big strokes

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Deep learning software, geometric proportions’ analysis, algorithms to understand strokes, height maps, facial recognition data: and

An electric super car from Acura: NSX EV Concept

By : CIOL Writers

Advice for Carmakers: Supercars aren’t just about looks, speed, and performance. They need to have an

Tesla offers to acquire Musk-led company SolarCity in a stock deal

By : CIOL Writers

American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors has offered to acquire top industrialist and Tesla

10 books to know the secrets of tech giants like Google or Apple

I keep reading about Google’s work culture, their employee-friendly policies and often wonder is there a