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Telegram launches Group Video Calls, Screen Sharing and Animated Backgrounds

By : CIOL Bureau

Telegram has introduced a series of advanced features in its latest update. These include Group Video Calls, Screen Sharing, Noise Suppression in Voice Chats, Animated backgrounds and a dedicated Bot Menu. The Group Video Call feature is the third major

Telegram launches Voice Chats for Unlimited Participants in Channels

By : CIOL Bureau

In a recent update, Telegram has introduced Voice Chats 2.0. It has rich features to conduct live voice chat sessions in Channels for unlimited participants securely and seamlessly. Initially, the company had made available the feature only for Telegram Groups.

Telegram Launches Auto Delete Message Option and Other New Features

By : CIOL Bureau

Messenger app Telegram has launched some new features that aim to enhance the user chat experience. The new features also claim to provide a higher level of privacy and security. Telegram has introduced an Auto-delete messages feature for chats in

WhatsApp to roll out in-app banner to explain the new privacy policy

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Following the backlash for its Privacy policy, WhatsApp, in a blog post has announced that it will display an in-app banner. The banner promises to lead you to the company’s post that talks about/explains the new privacy policy. The post will

Amid WhatsApp Privacy Row, Telegram stands the most downloaded app in January 2021

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Telegram has become the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide for January 2021. It has more than 63 million installs, 3.8 times its downloads in January 2020. According to Sensor Tower, the countries with the most Telegram installs were India at

The WhatsApp Debate signals the emergence of a new digital era

By : CIOL Bureau

This decade is likely to see the emergence of online new consumer experiences that spins off from two consumer trends. The first centres around the need for stronger control over user privacy. Second, the consumer’s willingness to pay for their

Telegram Founder Pavel Durov answers all privacy concerns surrounding the app

By : CIOL Bureau

Since the WhatsApp policy update, Signal and Telegram have seen a massive shift of userbase. In fact, several Indians, too, have moved to Signal and Telegram after WhatsApp started asking users to accept a controversial new privacy policy. But these

Telegram adds Voice Chat Features for Groups and more in its 12th update

By : CIOL Bureau

Telegram is one of the largest instant messenger apps. It has rolled out a major update comprising of multiple new features and improvements for overall user experience. These include Voice Chat for Telegram Groups, SD Card storage and new UI

Telegram Halloween Update: Multiple Pinned Messages, Live Location and more

By : CIOL Bureau

Telegram is inching closer to becoming one of the most popularly used messaging apps in India. The instant messaging app has garnered several thousand, if not millions, of downloads in India alone. The government as well as common individuals use

What makes Telegram groups better than WhatsApp groups?

By : CIOL Bureau

Telegram has various features but most of us haven’t explored them due to obvious reason for using the most popular messaging app WhatsApp. Because our almost every friends and family are on WhatsApp and less on Telegram. But that doesn’t

Telegram to integrate blockchain payments by the end of October – TON

By : CIOL Bureau

Recently we were talking about Facebook’s Libra blockchain backed payment system, but we never come across to a payment system integration by Telegram. In all these times focus was on Libra, and Telegram silently working on its Telegram Open Network

5 Telegram features that WhatsApp doesnt have

By : CIOL Bureau

Which are the two most popular messaging apps? As we all know its WhatsApp and Telegram, but when it comes to the most feature-rich messenger app, then Telegram wins the race. No doubt WhatsApp has numerous features, but Telegram has

6 Key reasons to choose Telegram messenger app

By : CIOL Bureau

Without a doubt WhatsApp is the leader when it comes to messenger apps then Telegram and other follows. The popularity doesn’t come in a day, it takes time and majorly depends on the user’s choice. WhatsApp is easy to use

Hackers can manipulate WhatsApp and Telegram Media Files

By : CIOL Bureau

WhatsApp and Telegram both have end-to-end protection and encryption to keep your media files safe against hackers. Yet Symantec Research has found a flaw, dubbed “Media File Jacking”, that could expose your media files to hackers. Symantec’s Modern OS Security

Pundi X integrates Telegram chat and adds Crypto Gift feature for its XWallet app

By : CIOL Bureau

Singaporean blockchain company, Pundi X is rolling out new features for XWallet, the mobile app allowing individuals to better manage their crypto assets and make crypto payment easy at the physical retail outlets across 25 countries. In a recently released