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Agritech Start-up Eggoz raises 25 million in Round 2 Seed Funding

By : CIOL Bureau

Eggoz is an Agritech startup who works with egg producers. They have raised seed funding of Rs 2.5 crore or 25 million from its angel investors. This is the amount raised in Round 2. Earlier, the company raised Rs 1.2 crore

5 Tech startups enabling the small businesses to boost the SME sector in India

By : CIOL Bureau

Small and medium enterprises, or SMEs, may be gunning for the global markets. The reality of getting their systems in place before making this quantum leap is posing its own set of challenges. SMEs in India contribute more than 40%*

Chennai Start-up SP Robotics launches ‘Makers Lab’ to boost Innovation in the Fields of Robotics & IoT

By : CIOL Bureau

SP Robotics announced the launch of ‘SP Robotics Maker Lab’, a first of its kind platform, empowering young entrepreneurs to boost innovation in the fields of Robotics and IOT in the country. ‘Maker Lab’ is currently active in thirty locations,