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Samsung Galaxy S8 to be launched on March 29 in NYC

By : CIOL Writers

Though Samsung made it obvious that this year’s Mobile World Congress will not witness the launch of the Galaxy S8, the South-Korean company also doesn’t want the new rivals, like Nokia 3310, BlackBerry, LG, or Huawei to steal the show

ZTE launches world’s first 5G-ready smartphone at MWC’17

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese telecom company ZTE unveiled what it said is the world’s first smartphone compatible with the lightening-fast 5G mobile Internet service called the ‘Gigabit phone’ at MWC on Sunday. According to the company, the smartphone is capable of download speeds reaching up

Samsung S8’s running pictures going viral

By : CIOL Writers

As Samsung Galaxy S8’s official launch gets closer, the virtual world is getting flooded with rumours. Adding one more to the long list of rumours, a Chinese screen protector manufacturer has shared pictures of running Galaxy S8. China protective film

Cyber-criminals can hack into your Visa credit card in mere 6 seconds

By : CIOL Writers

All the Visa card holders, time to get cautious as hackers can guess your Visa credit card’s number, expiry date and CVV number within few seconds, says a new a research study conducted by Newcastle University. The trick, described in

Google shrinks the size of Android app updates by at least 65pc

By : CIOL Writers

Though most of the updates improve app functionality and user interface, they also eat up a lot of data in the process. And with ever increasing the stream of applications and their updates, many people often choose not to go

Apple overtakes Micromax to become second-largest smartphone maker in India

By : CIOL Writers

By overtaking India’s homegrown smartphone brand Micromax, Apple India has become the country’s second-largest smartphone maker by revenue in the fiscal year to March 2016. Apple’s revenues from smartphone sales grew by 54 percent in FY16 to Rs 9,997.1 crore

Cash no cash, no compromise with weekend

By : CIOL Writers

So, its weekend once again. Some of you must be really excited but then some of you are not, I know. After an exhausting, overloaded with work kind of Friday, those of you who know that they won’t be able

Qualcomm launches 3 new mid-range Snapdragon processors for performance phones

Qualcomm Technologies has introduced three new Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in its Snapdragon 600 and 400 tiers: the 653, 626, and 427. The new Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver higher levels of processing performance than their predecessors for high performance and high volume mobile

Note 7 debacle may hit Samsung’s India revenues by Rs 6,500cr: CMR

BANGALORE, INDIA: Galaxy Note 7 battery issue that led to its recall and later halt of production worldwide may hit Samsung’s smartphone shipments target and lower it by 4 million units for the calendar year 2016, according to  an impact analysis

MediaTek to start smartphone designing program in India

BANGALORE, INDIA: To develop talent for India’s fast-growing handset industry, MediaTek today announced a Smartphone Design-Training program in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), India, Indian Cellular Association (ICA) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA), Taiwan.

LG’s Nougat-sporting new V20 smartphone is a safe bet

By : CIOL Writers

After the unpredicted failure of G5, LG seems to be making safe choices with its latest flagship, LG V20. The South Korean Company revealed the V20 in a press conference yesterday, and the new handset completely shuns the G5’s modularity,

Apple’s China woes – iOS market share continues to slide down

By : CIOL Writers

Big US tech giants have always had a tough time in China. It’s the same for Cupertino behemoth Apple with things getting only worse. According to the latest figures from Kantar WorldpanelComTech, the market share of iOS for what the

Smartphone infections increased by 96pc in the first half of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Releasing its first Threat Intelligence report for H1 2016, Nokia said that there has been a sharp upsurge of 96 percent in the rate at which smartphones are being infected between the second half of 2015 and the first half

Your smartphone can reveal your personality traits

By : CIOL Writers

My father has always said this, ‘iPhone is just for showing off’. He has never been an Apple fan and finds an iPhone too pricey for pretty limited functionality. Though we never really concurred with his opinion, a recent research

125mn 4G smartphone users will be up for grabs for Reliance Jio by the end of 2016

BANGALORE, INDIA: Reliance Jio will have more than 125 mn potential 4G subscribers available at the end of this year, said CMR today. This is the cumulative number of 4G smartphones CMR expects to be available in the market by

Cognitive offloading: How Google is affecting human memory

By : CIOL Writers

My mom is a year short of 60 but she remembers at least twenty mobile phone numbers of people close to her including me who changes her number almost every year being constantly on the move. Not that, she doesn’t

ZTE wants you to tell what their next mobile product be like

By : CIOL Writers

Hundreds of new smartphone models are launched every year across the world but customers always feel something’s amiss in each of them and certain things could have been better. In short, they all have something to add on always. So,

Mobile banking in India isn’t world-class: Forrester report

By : CIOL Writers

Indian banks fare poorly in comparison to their global counterparts in leveraging mobility and cloud, says research firm Forrester in its 2016 Global Mobile Banking report released last week. Not a single Indian bank among those reviewed- Axis Bank, Citibank

43pc of mobile gamers on Facebook are parents & 47pc are women

By : CIOL Writers

The gaming industry is at an all-time high and has become a $99 billion market, with mobile games accounting for $36 billion of that in 2016, according to market researcher Newzoo. Tech titan Facebook who also has a big share

Apple vs Samsung: The race continues….

By : CIOL Writers

It was all about Apple until few months back. Samsung seemed to have lost the race against the US tech titan in the smartphone segment. But seems like tables have turned. South Korean giant registered a surprisingly upbeat financial update