Does Apple have the tech to build self-driving passenger vehicles?

By : Laxitha Mundhra

When we first heard that Apple is aiming to launch self-driving car technology by 2024, the first question that looms is whether Apple has the tech? The second question that comes to mind is how efficient a product like that, from

BMW & Daimler team up to merge their autonomous car units

By : CIOL Writers

Automotive giants BMW and Daimler have entered into an agreement to merge their ride-hailing and car-sharing units. The new partnership will try to fend off competition from ride-hailing giant Uber. As per the agreement, the joint venture which will be

Otto co-founder Lior Ron has left Uber

By : CIOL Writers

Lior Ron, who co-founded self-driving truck startup Otto, has left the company a little less than two years after Uber acquired his startup. Ron, who along with Anthony Levandowski sold Otto to Uber in 2016, six months after leaving Google, was

Waymo and Jaguar team up for self-driving electric SUVs

By : CIOL Writers

Alphabet’s self-driving unit, Waymo has teamed up with Jaguar Land Rover to add tens of thousands of all-electric I-Pace SUVs to its growing lineup of self-driving taxis. Waymo unveiled the new vehicle at a press event in New York City on Tuesday

Uber won’t re-apply for self-driving car permit in California

By : CIOL Writers

In the wake of Arizona’s fatal crash that killed a pedestrian, Uber has decided against renewing its self-driving car permit in California that expires on March 31. Uber said it withdrew its California application because it wouldn’t have been able to

Baidu gets permit to test autonomous cars in Beijing

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese search giant Baidu has received approval to test autonomous cars in Beijing, according to a Reuters report. The approval comes just days after a fatal crash involving an Uber self-driving car in Arizona, which caused many companies to suspend

Apple’s autonomous cars outnumber Waymo and Uber in California

By : CIOL Writers

Barely days after one of Uber’s autonomous vehicles killed a pedestrian in Arizona, a new report claims that Apple has significantly increased the number of test vehicles in California. Apple has almost doubled its fleet of autonomous cars in California, as per

Toyota halts self-driving tests in the US after Uber accident

By : CIOL Writers

Toyota has halted its self-driving car tests in the US after an Uber self-driving car hit a pedestrian which led to her death. The Japanese car company said on Wednesday that it would temporarily suspend testing of its ‘Chauffeur’ autonomous

Uber’s Arizona accident once again puts self-driving cars in dock

By : CIOL Writers

A self-driving Uber car killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, marking the first fatality involving a self-driving vehicle and a potential blow to the technology expected to transform transportation. In response Uber has suspended North American tests of its self-driving

Lyft teams up with Magna to build self-driving cars

By : CIOL Writers

Lyft has partnered automotive supplier, Magna to develop autonomous vehicle technology. Lyft and Magna will share the intellectual property from co-developing autonomous vehicles, and Magna will be free to sell the technology to car companies. Magna has also made a $200 million equity

Waymo partners Google to launch self-driving pilot program in Atlanta

By : CIOL Writers

Waymo is partnering up with Google to launch a pilot program in Atlanta to focus on self-driving trucks and automated logistics. All self-driving trucks from Waymo will be hauling cargo destined for Google’s Atlanta-based data centres as part of the program. The

Toyota creates a new $2.8B company for self-driving research

By : CIOL Writers

Toyota is creating a new company to speed up its self-driving tech development. The automaker has teamed up with fellow Japanese entities Aisin Seiki and Denso Corporation to form the Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development or TRI-AD and together, they plan to invest $2.8

Lyft opens its first European office in Munich

By : CIOL Writers 1

Ride-hailing firm Lyft has announced its first office in Munich, Germany. The company said that the hub’s main focus will be self-driving vehicles, with a “talented group of new colleagues” working on simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for level 5 autonomous cars — or

BlackBerry launches Jarvis, a cybersecurity software for self-driving cars

By : CIOL Writers

BlackBerry has launched a cybersecurity software called Jarvis aimed at protecting autonomous cars. Jarvis identifies vulnerabilities in software used in cars. The firm said that Jarvis scans and delivers insights in minutes, a process that would otherwise take a large

Intel at CES’18: Everything you need to know

By : CIOL Writers

At the CES 2018, Intel announced a slew of new, innovative technologies. In the autonomous space, Intel unveiled its first autonomous vehicle in its 100-car test fleet; disclosed that BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen are moving their Mobileye-based mapping design wins to

Volkswagen and Hyundai partner with Aurora to develop self driving tech

By : CIOL Writers

Three ex-employees from Google, Tesla, and Uber, who came together to form a startup Aurora Innovation, have now teamed up with Volkswagen and Hyundai to develop self-driving car technology. Aurora Innovation is the brainchild of Chris Urmson, who was the former

BlackBerry and Baidu team up on self driving car tech

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese internet search firm Baidu has teamed up with BlackBerry to work on self-driving car tech jointly. Both the companies will collaborate to accelerate the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology. The deal concentrates on developing autonomous-driving technology with BlackBerry’s

LG partners Here on self-driving car telematics

By : CIOL Writers

LG is teaming up with digital mapping company Here to develop a telematics product aimed at self-driving vehicle applications. The two companies plan to focus on telematics, managing the massive amounts of data that self-driving cars are anticipated to both generate and consume.

Lyft kickstarts self-driving car pilot in Boston

By : CIOL Writers

Lyft’s first self-driving car pilot is now live in Boston. Launched with its self-driving partner nuTonomy, the pilot program gives “select” Seaport-area passengers a ride in one of nuTonomy’s self-driving Renault cars. Though the pilot is limited to a select part

Lyft gets permit to test self-driving cars in California

By : CIOL Writers

US ride-hailing firm Lyft is the latest company to secure a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California. Lyft’s permit, reflected on the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, comes two months after it announced plans to offer a self-driving car as