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Hummingbird Robot using AI to go soon where drones can’t

By : CIOL Bureau

Purdue University researchers are building robotic hummingbirds that learn from computer simulations how to fly like a real hummingbird does. The robot is encased in a decorative shell. What can fly like a bird and hover like an insect? Your

The Most Advanced Personal Robot for Children Debuts – Miko 2

By : CIOL Bureau

With a vision to empower a child’s development and aid modern-day parents, Indian consumer electronics start-up emotix, unveiled its latest offering, Miko 2, a personal robot for children at a curtain raiser in Mumbai today. Several distinguished dignitaries graced the

Epson India expands its Robot line up with T6 SCARA

By : CIOL Bureau

Epson the global leader in SCARA (horizontally articulated) robots for seven consecutive years announces the launch of their new T6 SCARA Robot in India. Following the success of their T3 SCARA Robots introduced earlier, the new T6 Scara Robot being