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When a sub-Reddit & an app shook the stock market​

By : Sunil Rajguru

The GameStop-Robinhood controversy just got bigger. 5G​ may come sooner than you think. Bad news for ByteDance and Amazon​ in India. Banning Trump a dangerous precedent (Ep-21, Jan 15) 2020—Great year for tech despite Covid (Ep-20, Dec 18) US moves

Reddit’s mobile app gets theater mode, chat function and more

By : CIOL Writers

Reddit has announced a number of changes to its iOS and Android apps for both users and moderators. Reddit says these features were developed as a response to community feedback. The biggest addition to the mobile apps is the user-to-user

Reddit testing public profiles for users to boost engagement

By : CIOL Writers

Reddit wants to be more than just a destination for discussion; it intends to become a platform where users, “put their creations, engage with fans, and cultivate a dedicated following.” To achieve the goal, Reddit is launching a new feature,

3 Indian startups chosen for YCombinator accelerator program

By : CIOL Writers

The might of Indian startups has begun to show, as the most successful accelerator program in the world, YCombinator has selected three companies from the country for its summer batch. The largest representation of Indian startups so far in the

Reddit Arrives in style with official Apps

By : CIOL Writers

Though little slow, but Reddit finally seems ready to take on the mobile world. More than 10 years after its inception, the popular yet divisive online forum Reddit released its tailored apps for iOS and Android on Thursday with the

Reddit stands up against Trolls and Hecklers

By : CIOL Writers

If you are on social media, chances are high that you would have got trolled or harassed at least once at some point of time. And usually, we accept it as part of the contract. Not anymore. Reddit, the Internet’s