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4 Tips to counter Matrix, the next-gen targeted ransomware

By : CIOL Bureau

Sophos released a new report about a ransomware family called Matrix. The malware has been operating since 2016 and Sophos has tracked 96 samples in the wild. Like previous targeted ransomware, including BitPaymer, Dharma and SamSam, the attackers who are

Maharashtra Ranks No. 1 in the Ransomware Attacks: eScan Report

By : CIOL Bureau

According to a threat report revealed by eScan, the state of Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of Ransomware attacks in the month of June 2018. Top 5 states in the list were Maharashtra 56% Delhi 13% Gujarat 12% Telangana

Cyber criminals are turning their attention to the supply chain

INDIA: On one hand, ransomware-related outsourced incident response engagements against financial institutions declined from 22% in 2016 to 5% last year, but on the other hand, the business and professional services supply chain has clearly become a prime target for

Was North Korea really behind the WannaCry ransomware attack?

By : CIOL Writers

North Korea’s ambassador in the United Nations says the US claims that Pyongyang was behind the WannaCry ransomware attack earlier this year is a baseless provocation and demanded Washington back up its accusations with evidence. Pak Song II told The Associated Press

The Future of Security – New holes, New walls 

By : CMR Analyst

BANGALORE, INDIA: Security has always been an imperative for Enterprises but the recent blitzkrieg of attacks, ransom-ware onslaughts, connectivity-fall-outs, unforeseen vulnerabilities and an increasingly-consumerised world of technology with ever-blurring boundaries have turned this aspect of IT into a sly ghost

Dimension Data and Cisco guide organizations with a ransomware defence framework

BANGALORE, INDIA: Ransomware is one of the main threats to digital business. Globally, around 49 percent of businesses experienced at least one cyber ransom attack in 2016, and of those, 39 percent were ransomware attacks, according to a Cisco report.

Indian government issues alert over ‘Locky ransomware’

By : CIOL Writers

2017 may well go down in history as the year of ‘ransomware-attacks’. After WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya, Mamba etc, we have ‘Locky’ ransomware that’s spreading fast amogst Indian users. State-run Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT-in) has issued an advisory on the spreading of

When Enterprises meet Aliens – ET is DT

UDAIPUR, INDIA: It’s a different DNA altogether and the species looks so light years ahead that

Petya ransomware isn’t just about bitcoins; its more likely a wiper

By : CIOL Writers

Petya ransomware that had the world Internet paralyzed once again on Tuesday is starting to look

Mona Lisa: No longer on CEOs’ walls. At least, not when they think security

MUMBAI, INDIA: From the whirlwind world tour that WannaCry attack tagged in May, to the Petya jolt

Another ransomware, Petya is spreading like wildfire across globe

By : CIOL Writers

Barely a month after WannaCry ransomware attack crippled the businesses across the globe, a new cyber

Mobile ransomware more than trebled in Q1, 2017: Kaspersky

By : CIOL Writers

The global nightmare of ransomware shows no sign of slowing down, with the volume of mobile

Microsoft to acquire cyber security firm Hexadite for $100mn: Report

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is acquiring Israeli cyber security startup Hexadite for $100 million, the Hebrew language website Calcalist reported

Symantec blames North Korea for WannaCry ransomware

By : CIOL Writers

While researchers across the world are trying their best to contain the damage by world’s biggest ransomware attack

Kaspersky report says Windows 7 was most affected OS due to WannaCry

By : CIOL Writers

WannaCry, one of the biggest ransomware attack in the history, wreaked havoc across the world by hitting

French researchers claim to have found a way to unlock WannaCry without ransom

By : CIOL Writers

Looks like, we may have finally got a way-around WannaCry without shelling out any bitcoins. A

Bitcoin: Digital currency or criminal currency?

By : CIOL Writers

WannaCry cyber attack that engulfed more than 100 countries over the weekend indeed left many people

48,000 attempts of WannaCry ransomware attack detected in India: Quick Heal

By : CIOL Writers

Many organisations and networks in over 150 countries were crippled by the recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak.

Who will rescue Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 from online pirates?

By : CIOL Writers

While the world is reeling under a massive ransomware attack affecting over 100 countries, another hacking

MeitY reaches out to RBI, NPCI & UIDAI against ‘Wanna Cry’ ransomware

By : CIOL Writers

In the wake of global ransomware attack that has affected over 100 countries, the Ministry of