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Dell comes up with new virtual workspace solutions

BANGALORE, INDIA: Dell Cloud Client-computing has unveiled its portfolio of new and updated virtual workspace solutions to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Newly launched workspace solutions include the Wyse 3030 LT, a highly secure and affordable solution based on

Spielberg’s Tech Advisor transforming sci-fi into real technology

By : CIOL Writers

John Underkoffler worked as Steven Spielberg’s technology advisor on the 2002 tech-noir thriller Minority Report and completely transformed the way we imagined interacting with information in the future.it was pure future forecast. Underkoffler’s reputation as a technology visionary scored him his next

‘Game of Thrones’ hysteria on Social Media

By : CIOL Writers 1

When the sixth series of Game of Thrones –“The Red Woman” landed officially, it was pure hysteria and euphoria all around. The buzz created on the social networking sites generated more than 1.5 million social posts in the last week.

William Shatner: Star Trek sci-fi tech is “not that far-fetched.”

By : CIOL Writers

We might not be zooming to distant worlds at warp speed, or using a “transporter” to teleport between two locations,but according to William Shatner, the 85-year-old actor best known for his portrayal of the fictional Captain James Kirk from the

FBI paid a bomb to hack into Apple iPhone

By : CIOL Writers

FBI paid a ‘bomb’ to hack into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. FBI Director James Comey said the U.S. paid more than he will make in salary over the rest of his term to secure a hacking tool to break

OneWeb’s Florida Factory: 15 Satellites per week

By : CIOL Writers

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group backed Satellite Internet Startup OneWeb Ltd plans to manufacture 15 satellites per week at a designated factory in Florida as part of its push to provide global high-speed Internet access. Company officials say that they aim

Movies, VR, 360-Degree videos and More

By : CIOL Writers

Watching a movie sitting in a theatre might soon be a thing of past. How about being part of the action taking place all around you instead of just looking at the screen. This is what Virtual Reality and 360-degree

Awaiting a Steve Jobs moment for smartphones!

By : CIOL Writers

Apple iPhone SE: iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s’ size. Samsung Galaxy S7: water resistant. G5: an accessory slot. HTC 10: Android at it’s purest. This description is all that all of these super smartphones genuinely have or can boast of.

World’s tiniest smartphone: Posh Mobile Micro X S240

By : CIOL Writers

Isn’t it ironical that the quantum of Technology is inversely proportional to the size of innovation? Remember our smallest spaceship – Starshot. We have another smallest or tiniest, whatever you wish to call it, today, not a spaceship of course

Want to Work for the Queen of England?

By : CIOL Writers

A job advertisement on the official website of the British Monarchy reads: Work Station: England Profile: Handling social media of British Royal Family Holidays: 33 holidays a year with free lunch Working hours: 37.5 hours per week Salary: £45,000 –

5 Travel Bloggers to follow on Snapchat

By : CIOL Writers

Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest travelers of all time, quoted – “Traveling… leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” He surely was a storyteller. But in this hum drum of modern world, we struggle to find

The Mystery of Magic Leap

By : CIOL Writers

This augmented-reality based, super secretive startup has raised over a billion dollars from investors, but still isn’t saying how its technology really works. Florida-based Magic Leap has spent several years working on its technology for blending crisp digital images with

VR 360 technology for Kumbh Mela

By : CIOL Writers

Kumbh Mela,world’s largest congregation of religious pilgrims, at Ujjain this year will welcome a new and a unique entrant into the religious domain- VR Technolgy. Indore-based Twist Mobile, a mobile gaming startup backed by Matrix Partners India, will be tapping

Trending-topics search feature for Google Mobile page

By : CIOL Writers

Google might be quietly testing a new trending-topics search feature for its mobile search page. Though Google has refused to comment on the new function,it was probably rolled out to a small group of users to road test appeal and

China’s Mobile Gaming Segment Getting Bigger

By : CIOL Writers

China’s mobile gaming space is getting greener and luscious with mobile gaming segment not only staking an increasingly significant claim in the overall digital games market but also contributing nearly 40% of the country’s total digital games revenue. Analytics firm

Technology and Investigative Journalism: Uncovering Panama Papers

By : CIOL Writers

Panama Papers took the world by storm this week. It was a sudden blow and a hard one at that. Revealing a global network of hidden assets and global tax evasion stretching back over four decades, many state leaders, business

Reddit Arrives in style with official Apps

By : CIOL Writers

Though little slow, but Reddit finally seems ready to take on the mobile world. More than 10 years after its inception, the popular yet divisive online forum Reddit released its tailored apps for iOS and Android on Thursday with the

Find Local Businesses with Facebook

By : CIOL Writers 4

I sometimes wonder about things that could be there on Facebook and before I am done wondering Facebook already has it. Without much ado, Facebook has quietly added hyperlocal listing of service providers, listing over 80 services, ranging from beauty,

Making Facebook more interactive for Blind

By : CIOL Writers

Can you imagine Facebook without photos? A big No, I know. Facebook undoubtedly owes much of its irresistibility to an endless stream of pictures that are uploaded every day.  Yet for millions of blind and visually impaired people, that’s been

Will Apple be allowed to sell used iPhones in India?

By : CIOL Writers 1

Don’t turn “Make in India into Dump in India”. The message is loud and clear from industry executives who are warning the government against giving permission to Apple to sell used iPhones in the country. The iPhone maker is seeking