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Are you letting malware work from your home too?

Last year when the pandemic struck the world, swiftly transitioning work operations online and ensuring continuity became the immediate and primary focus for every business. While doing so, there was limited opportunity to ensure that security and data protection procedures

Cybersecurity in the era of regular online shopping

By : CIOL Bureau

In today’s world, there has been explosive growth in online shopping. Before the lockdown, there were options for in-store shopping and window shopping. Due to COVID 19, online shopping has grown tremendously. This has accelerated the shift towards online shopping

How Indian Enterprises can be secured from threats emerging due to Phishing?

By : CIOL Bureau

In the New Normal, the Internet is the pivot on which we all are totally dependent. Almost all our communication, meetings and transactions now happen online. With Work from Home getting more pronounced, millions of Indians are logging on to

Phishing Evolves, targets C-level Executives: Verizon’s DBIR 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Banks and financial institutions are responsible for customer’s money and sensitive financial information and are held to a higher standard for security. Data breaches can have severe consequences and cost a bank much more than just stolen information or funds.

Don’t fall in the phishing trap this income tax e filing season

By : CIOL Bureau

One needs to be vigilant about scams, especially during tax season. Tax fraud effects many individuals and organizations, especially as the end of the financial year approaches on June 30. Scammers are salivating at the prospect of making more money

Why Facebook continues to be the top sweet spot for cybercriminals?


INDIA: Did you know that popular social networking pages like Facebook, LinkedIn were frequently faked by cybercriminals to try and steal personal data via phishing attacks? Reports suggest that fake Facebook sites alone accounted for 60% of social network phishing in