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Are Indian developers ready to use PaaS?

Anil Chopra App developers are critical not only for e-commerce firms but also for traditional industries like retail, healthcare, BFSI and telecom. They are the prime movers for business, as companies focus on Apps to connect with their consumers via

APAC biz inclined towards cloud agility yet lack in PaaS

NEW DELHI, INDIA: “Oracle Cloud Agility” study revealed that businesses across Asia Pacific (APAC) are showing strong signs of agility in some areas and clearly recognise the business benefits of agility. However, Oracle’s research also highlights a clear lack of

Five reasons why enterprises are adopting PaaS

Mitesh Agarwal Cloud computing has become a critical component of enterprise IT strategy and most businesses have adopted cloud computing to some degree. However they are still struggling to attain the agility critical to their success. And one of the

PaaS, Cloud and new players can threaten usual AIM names

MUMBAI, INDIA: The worldwide application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) software market revenue totaled $23.8 billion in