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10 Benefits of Open Source Software for Enterprises

By : CIOL Bureau

Selecting technologies means committing to solutions that will support an active, growing business over the long term, so it requires careful consideration and foresight. When enterprise bets on the wrong horse, the result is often significantly higher development costs and

Reliance Jio and global tech leaders come together to push Open Source in India

The India Digital Open Summit which will be held tomorrow at the Reliance Corporate Park campus in Navi Mumbai -is a must-attend event for industry leaders, policymakers, technologists, academia, and developer communities working towards India’s digital leadership through Open Source

Global industry leaders are getting together at India Digital Open Summit 2018

Open source is being embraced by leading organizations globally, not only due to its cost advantage but to leverage the development advantages open source communities offer. Reliance Jio is hosting the ‘India Digital Open Summit 2018’ on January 19 at

Aruna Sundararajan to speak at India Digital Open Summit 2018

Aruna Sundararajan, secretary, Dept of Telecom, and Chairperson, Telecom Commission who recently announced the completion of phase 1 of National Optic Fiber Network, re-christened as BharatNet, will be speaking at India Digital Open Summit 2018. She  also informed that with

Embracing Open Source will help enterprises stay ahead of the AI game


Soma Tah From being looked upon as an alternative, open source is now considered the de facto architecture and engine of innovation. An increasing number of the tech disruptors around the world have started to embrace the open-source environment for

Red Hat launches first APAC Open Innovation Labs to support customers’ digital journey

By : CIOL Bureau

BANGALORE, INDIA: Red Hat launched its first Open Innovation Labs in the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore. Red Hat also has physical Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in Boston and London. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs launched in 2016 based on customer interest

Fynd aims to boost entrepreneurship with open sharing platform, Gofynd.io

MUMBAI, INDIA: In an attempt to share its internal tools and data streams to improve software development and drive entrepreneurship ecosystem, the fashion e-commerce portal, Fynd has launched an open sharing platform, Gofynd.io. Several Silicon Valley based star-ups and other

Open Source vs Proprietary Cloud: Choose Wisely

By : Pratima Harigunani 1

Rajarshi Bhattacharyya INDIA: BMW and Volkswagen, two of the world’s largest automakers, recently grabbed the spotlight for going the Open Source way for building their Private Clouds. A Volkswagen spokesperson aptly summed up the move, “OpenStack is the largest Open

Saving the Ferrous Tiger

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Some may call it bricolage, some may label it as the

Saying Skadoosh to Vendor Lock-In

By Naveen Gurusiddaiah INDIA: The popularity of open source has been spreading like wild fire in the

Wipro launches managed services for telco cloud

BENGALURU, INDIA: Wipro has launched managed service offering for verification, validation and performance tuning of telco

Contrail from Juniper in AT&T’s AIC

INDIA: Juniper Networks announced that AT&T has selected Juniper Networks Contrail Networking to provide software-defined networking

Teradata’s open source connect

MUMBAI, INDIA: Teradata has announced that it will share the ODBC/JDBC drivers for Presto; opening business

In 3 years, open source will power cloud, big data initiatives

USA and INDIA: Open source software has become a critical driver for innovation at enterprises and

Containers moving to a big open ship with OCP

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Containers have caught up a lot of attention and fancy in just a

4 reasons why cloud computing is becoming mainstream

MUMBAI, INDIA: Cloud computing has been a topic of discussion and consideration in the last few

And this is how OpenStack appears at HP

By : Pratima Harigunani

MUMBAI, INDIA: HP has announced HP Helion Rack, a pre-configured, pre-tuned and pre-tested private cloud solution,

Red Hat aims to advance open-source PaaS with OpenShift Commons

BANGALORE, INDIA: Red Hat announced OpenShift Commons, a new open source community initiative to collaborate and

Qlik opening APIs for Open Source world

BANGALORE, INDIA: Qlik, a player in data discovery, has announced an extended commitment to the developer

Brocade offers free SDN controller license

BANGALORE, INDIA: To help customers accelerate their journey to open and agile Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Brocade is