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Putting the Process Back in RPA

By : CIOL Bureau

The importance of innovation and strategy can hardly be overstated. However, large successful enterprises thrive on mundane. By efficiently executing the mundane aspects repetitively at scale, large enterprises profitably grow and expand. Enterprises have accomplished this in three ways. •

Newgen Secures Patent for Automated Quality and Usability Assessment of Scanned Documents

By : CIOL Bureau

Newgen Software announced that it has been granted Patent Number 316146, entitled “Automated Quality and Usability Assessment of Scanned Documents”. The patent recognizes Newgen’s rich experience, efforts, and inventions. The invention, feature of Newgen OmniScan solution, enables organizations to automatically

Five Smart City Development Bottlenecks and How to Overcome Them

By : CIOL Bureau

By Virender Jeet, Senior Vice President (Sales & Marketing / Products) Newgen Software While urbanisation of cities has been an ongoing process for several decades now, the advent of technology has changed the ways in which we deal with the

4 Ways to Break the Speed vs. Accuracy Conundrum in Claims

By : CIOL Bureau

By Virender Jeet Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing / Products, Newgen Software Claims processing is an inherently complex process and the heterogeneity of scenarios involved complicates it further. To add to the challenge, customers expect claims settlement to be

Banks to Lead Digital Transformation with AI

By : CIOL Bureau

Money matters to people and businesses alike and banks are the institutions which help them sense, comprehend and act in terms of making monetary decisions wisely. Banks have been there for us in times of need and have evolved themselves

Gear-up for Major Threats: The Journey towards Future

By : Ashok Pandey

Day-by-day the risk of cybercrime and other attacks are on the rise. The threat can come from any source as well as it could affect any industry. We discussed with Virender Jeet, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing / Products,