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Nova Benefits has announced the Mental Wellness Plan

By : Priti Yadav

Nova Benefits, an employee wellness platform centred on corporate health insurance, announced the roll-out of The Mental Wellness Plan for all employees of the company.  Going beyond physical health and wellness, the company has taken this initiative to ensure the mental wellbeing of

Mental Health Day – Just Today?

Pratima H   Why is it getting tougher and tougher to stay sane, balanced, happy, contended and positive – that too, in a decade where we have all the comforts of life, and yet we struggle with imagined monsters? Is

There Are Mental Health Benefits of Technology, As Are Afflictions – It’s Time We Talk About It

By : CIOL Bureau

Are you affected by technology overdose? If anyone asked you this question, chances are that you would answer ‘no’. Now, let’s take a look at the way things are around us.  Right from the time you wake up, to the

The Importance of Mental Health Support in the Workplace and How to Bring Change

By : CIOL Bureau

Work-life has always brought along with it issues like excessive anxiety, lifestyle disorders, insomnia, depression, and loneliness, leading to self-doubt and self-harm. However, the global pandemic and the lockdown have brought these problems to the fore. Also, the work from