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Logistics: The Role of Technology & AI in This 21st-century

By : CIOL Bureau

We are living in a transformational era of human history where Artificial Intelligence (AI) forms a central part of this transformation. The digital revolution has redefined many aspects of human life and this trend is not settling anytime soon, in

How last mile optimization can boost logistics business

By : CIOL Bureau

The spread of e-commerce and rise in consumers’ expectation for faster deliveries has put pressure over logistics businesses to remove hurdles and inefficiencies in last-mile delivery. Any logistics business is fraught with complaints relating to late deliveries, package return and

Data and Analytics will Pave the Way for India’s Logistics Sector

By : CIOL Bureau

Logistics is being transformed by data-driven insights. The operating models of logistics companies have evolved to integrate emerging technologies into various processes. Analytics expertise, data-driven decision making, and the new services that can be achieved with the Internet of Things

How blockchain technology is revamping the logistics industry

By : CIOL Bureau

By Sandeep Sharma— Founder & CEO, Cogent Transware Solutions Pvt. Ltd Logistics is the lifeblood of most of the businesses in the present era. From food to pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics to heavy machinery, it is the logistics that bridge

FarEye Enables Efficient Distribution and Movement of Finished Products with its On-Demand Solution

By : CIOL Bureau

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 29, 2018: FarEye has designed an end-to-end platform to run distribution logistics and optimize goods movement. FarEye On-Demand solution ensures that every received order gets accepted and catered in minimum time with least logistics cost.

Amazon said to be testing its own delivery service: Report

By : CIOL Writers

E-commerce giant Amazon is experimenting with a new delivery service, according to Bloomberg, aimed at making more items available for free two-day shipping for its Amazon Prime Members. The project- Seller Flex originally rolled out in India two years ago, the

Amazon kick starts its Air Delivery Network

By : CIOL Writers

With Drone delivery already under its testing stage, Amazon has come up with new plans to expedite its delivery processes across the U.S. To meet its commitment for ever faster and efficient deliveries, Amazon.com Inc on Wednesday signed a deal

North Pole before Chimneys – Deliveries and First Things First

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H BANGALORE, INDIA: Chuck Nolan could not have been a more dedicated courier-service stork; but his story, adventure, experience and perhaps, even the if-and-how-and-where of being stranded could have taken a new shore had he been a first-mile delivery

Connect India aims to solve a major challenge for e-commerce players

BANGALORE, INDIA: With the e-commerce industry booming, logistics has become a challenge to connect remote and urban parts of the country. Addressing this challenge, Connect India today launched its services across the country aiming to connect the entire country. Intending

Will 24 year olds change the rules and redefine logistics?

By : Sanghamitra Kar

Sanghamitra BANGALORE, INDIA: After graduating from IIT Kharagpur in 2013, three young minds planned to redefine the logistics industry starting from Bangalore and plans to grab the entire $130 billion size market in the span of next few years. “The