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HR Technologies: Boosting Employee Performance

By : Ashok Pandey

A key challenge facing HR teams is to monitor and improve employee productivity effectively. Higher productivity among the workforce has been seen to positively correlate with a reduction in presenteeism, improvement in morale and overall engagement levels and also with

Don’t just engage, inspire employees with a sense of purpose!

By : CIOL Bureau

Most companies have a mission and vision statement. Some of these are well constructed, some mild and vague, usually full of platitudes or wishes while some others are simply a lot of words bunched together without any message at all.

Kwench Global Technologies Revolutionizes Workplace by Facebook with PULSE Bot

By : CIOL Bureau

Kwench Global Technologies is enabling Workplace by Facebook, measure Realtime employee engagement and organization culture index by tracking and analyzing the different emotions of the employees through the PULSE bot. Kwench has developed and integrated the bot onto the Workplace platform