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Nokia expands patent cross license deal with Samsung, expects robust Q3

Soma Tah Nokia and Samsung today decided to share ‘certain additional patent portfolios’ together, after the companies agreed to extend their patent licensing agreement in February this year. While Nokia said that this will reinforce Nokia’s leadership in technologies for

TCS to appeal against US court’s $940mn penalty verdict

MUMBAI, INDIA: A Wisconsin federal jury has slapped a $940 million penalty, including $700 million in punitive damages, on the Indian IT major, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for allegedly stealing “trade secrets, confidential information, documents and data” from it from

How digitization takes the crease out of patent filing & processing

BANGALORE, INDIA: Online filing has jumped from under 30% to over 80% in just a year, thanks to the digitization initiatives taken up by the government to promote the Intellectual Property(IP) ecosystem in the country. This was done by easing of access to