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Mark Zuckerberg, can you address these queries on net neutrality?

MUMBAI, INDIA: A couple of days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about Net neutrality and vouched his commitment toward the cause, volunteers of savetheinternet.in an open letter, have raised questions over the Internet.org platform. During his town hall address

Internet.org is now Free Basics by Facebook

MUMBAI, INDIA: Facebook has re-branded its free service Internet.org. It will now be called Free Basics by Facebook. The announcement was made at the Facebook Headquarters in Melno Park, California by Chris Daniels, VP, Internet.org. The app as well as

Facebook adding more mobile operators to the Internet.org kitty

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a bid to attract more users to Internet.org, Facebook is targeting new telecommunications partners to enable more people to the Web. The social media giant is eyeing 4.5 billion users on Internet.org, and is therefore offering free