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GB WhatsApp Version 8.25: Whats new?

By : CIOL Bureau

GB WhatsApp comes with its next version 8.25. The latest version of GB WhatsApp has various new functions and improved anti-ban feature. Features of GB WhatsApp Latest Version 1. Free amazing themes 2. Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts 3. Status can be

GB WhatsApp 9.45 is actually GBWA 8.05

By : CIOL Bureau 2

Recently a website updated about GB WhatsApp version 9.45. The official website of one of the most popular modded apps have not updated anything related to the new version, it still offering GB WhatsApp 8.20. The other website is offering

GB WhatsApp Latest versions 9.35 and 9.45 real or fake

By : CIOL Bureau

Recently official GB WhatsApp website announces the availability of version 8.20, and some other website announced higher version 9.35 and 9.45. We were amazed to know that the developers came with new versions so soon, but when we dig deeper

Updated features of latest GB WhatsApp v8.20

By : CIOL Bureau 2

The official GB WhatsApp website announced its latest version 8.20. The APK file is about 52.5mb and can be downloaded from the official website. However it can lead to face ban from WhatsApp, so its recommended to not use such

3 Reasons why GB WhatsApp 8.15 is not latest version?

By : CIOL Bureau

A few days ago, official GB WhatsApp announced the availability of GB WhatsApp v8.10, but another website updated about the lasted version 8.15. Now if the GB WhatsApp 8.15 is the latest version, then why the official website doesn’t have

GB WhatsApp v8.10 latest version available to download

By : CIOL Bureau 1

A couple of days back new version of GB WhatsApp – 8.05 was announced and now the official website has announced its next version 8.10. The new version claimed to have improved the anti-ban feature. Still, we recommend you to avoid

GB WhatsApp v8.05 Latest Version officially available to download

By : CIOL Bureau 2

The most popular modded app, GB WhatsApp announced its next version 8.05. The latest version of GB WhatsApp comes with new APK updates. However, we recommend to not use any MOD app including the GB WhatsApp as you can face

GBWhatsApp Plus Latest Version 8.06 with improved anti-ban

By : CIOL Bureau

The modded WhatsApp application GB WhatsApp has huge competition including WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Plus. Google and WhatsApp keep an eye on users who use these modded apps still, we are not seeing any decline in the popularity

GB WhatsApp Latest Version – WA Aero v8.2

By : CIOL Bureau 1

GB WhatsApp recently announced its latest version 8.00 with updated features. And yesterday the official website shared a notification about the new version 8.2. The new version has got improved anti-ban as well as some other features. We dig a

3 Reasons: Why GB WhatsApp 8.06 is not the latest version

By : CIOL Bureau

GB WhatsApp, the most popular modded app, recently announced its latest version 8.00 with various new updates. And we were expecting another new version soon, but it’s too soon to GBWhatsApp’s next version 8.06. We have huge doubt about this

GB WhatsApp v8.00 latest version with amazing features

By : CIOL Bureau 3

The latest version of GB WhatsApp is here with amazing new features. The modded app was rumoured to shut off its operations, but recently they come-up with another version with improved anti-ban. As using MOD app can lead to WhatsApp

2 Best GB WhatsApp Alternatives: MOD Apps

By : CIOL Bureau 1

GB WhatsApp is officially shut off, so you won’t be able to get the latest updates from the app developers. The modded app leads various account ban as it violates WhatsApp terms of use policy, yet people are crazy about

Is GB WhatsApp finally shut off: GBMods developers stopped development on WhatsApp MODs?

By : CIOL Bureau

Today, the Official Plus announced that they won’t provide WhatsApp MOD apps anymore due to the violation of WhatsApp terms of service. “We Are Really Sorry To Announce That WhatsApp MODs Applications Are No Longer Available In Official Plus, Because

Which one is latest version – GB WhatsApp 7.99 or Beta 7.35?

By : CIOL Bureau 1

The craze of GB WhatsApp is so very high, it is the most favourite WhatsApp mod app. Though it’s not legitimate to use and users can face a ban, still GBWhatsApp is the most popular modded app and people wait

GB WhatsApp BETA v7.35 Anti-Ban: Really!

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Recently GBWhatsApp announced its Beta V7.30 and now after a few days they come-up with latest GB WhatsApp version 7.35 claimed to be anti-ban. However, this is I guess the fourth version which is claimed to have enhanced anti-ban feature.

If GBWhatsApp has shut down, then how BETA v7.30 is available to download?

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Previously, we were talking about shut down of GB WhatsApp quoting a Telegram channel and a tweet from Omar saying – للاسف تم ايقاف تطوير برنامج GBWhatsApp لاني تلقيت رسالة اخيرة من شركة الواتساب ، اعتذر منكم جميعا كان وقت

Would GB WhatsApp v7.25 be the last version: Rumors or reality

By : CIOL Bureau

Last month, on 21st July 2019, GB WhatsApp rolled out its new version called 7.25. around 10 days later to the announcement of GB WhatsApp v7.20. This new version comes with various upgrades and claimed to have improved anti-ban feature

GB WhatsApp Latest Version 7.20: Is it safe to download?

By : Ashok Pandey

GB WhatsApp, a modded app popular among the millions of users for its premium features. This third party mobile app is a replica of the official WhatsApp, but it offers all the premium WhatsApp features for free. Recently they announced

GB WhatsApp: How to Lift the WhatsApp Ban

By : Ashok Pandey 8

A third party app GB WhatsApp, which is a modified version of WhatsApp, announced its latest version – 7.0 (2019), and there is a lot of buzz around the latest update. But, it’s neither available in the Google Play store nor