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FICO Xpress Insight Enables Users to Operationalize Analytics

By : CIOL Bureau

ICO announced a community version of FICO Xpress Insight, a decision support application that enables data scientists to rapidly deploy any advanced analytic or optimization model as a powerful business application. Getting Analytics Into the Hands of Business Users Across

Panama Credit Bureau APC Will Use FICO Solutions to Fight Financial Crime

By : CIOL Bureau

APC Intelidat, the credit bureau in Panama, will soon provide regulatory compliance capabilities to its customers, with a FICO financial crime compliance solution. The country’s financial and non-financial regulated institutions will be able to use the FICO TONBELLER Siron KYC

Lack of AI experts poses greatest barrier to introducing advanced technology: FICO Survey

By : CIOL Bureau

In a recent survey, Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO found that 91 per cent of banks in Asia Pacific (APAC) felt they lagged behind banks in the US and Europe when it came to implementation of AI in their