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Now stream HD videos directly to YouTube through the Live Streaming App

NEW DELHI: InstaLively, a video streaming platform android app. InstaLively is the first end-to-end solution for live streaming solution that is available on the mobile as well as the Desktop. The easy to use interface enables you to stream HD video directly

FB, Twitter, WhatsApp used to spread hate campaign

MUMBAI, INDIA: In what can be termed as one of the wierdest accusations against technology, a cabinet minister has accused Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as being platforms for the rising hate campaigns in the country. In a writter reply to

Look who is helping you to track your loved ones in Nepal?

MUMBAI, INDIA: For those who have been unable to locate your loved ones in the aftermath of the destructive earthquake that shook Nepal and bordering areas, Google and Facebook have volunteered help. Search engine giant Google, which had launched its

Twitter Highlights can bring communities closer

MUMBAI, INDIA: Social networking major Twitter has introduced a new feature which is currently being offered only to the users of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Named Highlights, the new feature provides users capsules of relevant tweets and increase engagement

What does Mark Zuckerberg think about Net Neutrality?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook has issued statements extending his support for Net Neutrality. Responding to questions posted by his fans on the profile page of the CEO of the largest social networking site, Zuckerberg said, “The principle of Net

This is how Teens spend their online time in the US

USA: As per a new study, the ‘why’ and ‘where’ of Internet-use by teens in US

Facebook to accelerate data transmission capacity

Facebook has deployed the world’s longest terrestrial multi terabit route to accelerate data transmission. For that,

FB now lets developers create apps and integrate with messenger

BANGALORE, INDIA: Facebook messenger has brought a new platform particularly for developers to easily create apps

Facebook embarks on the e-commerce journey, acquires TheFind

BANGALORE, INDIA: The social networking company Facebook has acquired TheFind as announced by the latter. The value

Facebook, RCom team up to offer free Internet access

BANGALORE, INDIA: Facebook’s Internet.org app will now be available in India, offering a set of basic

FB brings new feature to let users find info about places

BANGALORE, INDIA: Facebook has launched a new feature ‘ Place Tips’ for the iPhone users. “From