How OTP is helping the app economy?

Sandeep Ganguly Smartphones were invented to make our lives easier. We use these devices for multiple purposes like making calls, sending messages, social networking, playing games, listening to music, etc. Your smartphone is also likely to contain your personal photographs,

Can banks ward off fintech challenge with a startup mentality?

Balwant C Surti In recent years, the Bank, that grand edifice of solidity and security from days past, has come under threat from sources ranging from regulators to customers to fraudsters to legacy technology. And today, it stands on the

Understanding the needs of new-age Process Consultants

ThangaPrakash Kanagaraj Organizations bleed in millions of dollars every year for inefficient and ineffective business processes. What does that mean? A lack of end-to-end visibility into business interactions cause delays, repeats, defects and has decision makers moving in circles before

2015 was watershed year for Indian start-ups: iDay 2016

By : Riddhi Sharma

We are all aware that rapidly growing digital ecosystem is fueling the growth of startups in India. Speaking at India Internet Day (iday) Alan Lam, Managing Director Head of APAC Technology & Media Investment Banking, Credit Suisse said that, Indian start-ups are

1/3rd holiday bookings via smartphones

By : CIOL Writers

With young professionals and married couples taking complete advantage of holidays in addition to weekend holidays, it does not come as a surprise, that a third of travelers from India are booking holidays on their mobile phones. A survey by

Technology for smarter and confident kids

By : CIOL Writers 1

As a parent to a toddler, I have often found myself dogged by this question- How much technology is too much for my little girl? When it takes me a couple of days to attune to a new game on

Why software-driven verification is rising to prominence?

Chi-Ping Hsu The system and semiconductor worlds are facing a transition. Some system companies are doing their own semiconductor design. In fact, it is notable that all the leading smartphone companies design their own application processors. At the same time,

SDN and NFV: The future of networking

Swapna Bapat Software Defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) have become hot topics in the networking industry in the last few years. While both technologies are designed to allow data centers to be more agile and flexible in responding to changes

Top 5 social media frauds to avoid

By : CIOL Writers

Love for social media and social networking sites are shared by one and all including cyber scammers and fraudsters. Experts at security firm Proofpoint say that the number of phishing attempts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and

It’s time that CIOs create new ECM blueprint

Sandeep Sehgal What is your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy for the future? Is it targeted towards a hybrid architecture that supports multi-organization ecosystem content and different data formats that are evolving? Well, we know it’s an imperative but, the

Vodafone and EE: Worst mobile network operators in UK

By : CIOL Writers

According to Consumer watchdog Which?, Vodafone, and EE scored the lowest in a customer satisfaction survey which compared all the UK’s mobile network operators. “Our latest survey once again shows that the major mobile providers are still failing on the

Kochi boy sold website to Zuckerberg for $700

By : CIOL Writers

Amal Augustine, an engineering student bought a domain and sold to the sixth richest person in the world, Mark Zuckerberg. Kochi-based Amal sold ‘maxchanzuckerberg.org’ to ICONIQCAPITAL – representatives who handle Zuckerberg’s finances – for $700. Cyber Squatting, where people often

Catch the IPL buzz on Twitter

By : CIOL Writers

Indian cricket’s young turks are taking to social media like ducks take to water. They are sharing selfies, trolling haters, breaking stereotypes, and most importantly, having fun while they are at it. While they are touring the international circuit, things

Tech Entrepreneurs: 20 Slack Communities you might want to join

By : CIOL Writers

Human beings are social animals. They need a community to realize their full potential. And obviously, when so many people work together, the community as a whole grows and progresses. Relax, we aren’t talking community building here or driving home

WhatsApp got it right. email, it’s your turn now

Aleks Gostev There is and always has been an inherent tension between an individual’s right to data privacy and wider security concerns. This is unlikely to change, although the priority may shift depending on the geopolitical or security context. The

Social Media for Children with Special Needs

By : CIOL Writers

Social media is a platform where we learn to communicate and engage with others. The same platform holds the world full of opportunities for children with special needs, children who otherwise have little to call social life. Social media, when

iPhone SE won’t create the right niche for Apple in India

Faisal Kawoosa Apple’s iPhone SE has been officially launched in the country today. The 32GB variant is available in Rs 39,000. But you have to shell out Rs 49,000 for the 64GB variant. But, is it really going to be a

Are selfie-phones just a passing fad?

Krishna Mukherjee This week, Oppo introduced its Oppo F1 Plus in India, which flaunts a 16-mexapixels selfie camera. The company seems to have made selfie camera as its USP, unlike the internal memory, OS, RAM, HD Display, etc. At a

Cool stuffs mortgage servicers can do with the new-age CRM

Vibhor Mishra This decade has seen the emergence of commoditized and competitive markets, and mortgage services is no exception. Online touchpoints have been created already to serve millennials better, who are obviously looking for new experiences, better terms, and niche

NSPCC reveals riskiest social media sites for Children

By : CIOL Writers

In a shocking and disturbing revelation for many parents, NSPCC said that half of the school children surveyed by the group admitted to seeing sexual, violent and other adult material on social media sites, apps and games. Not only this,