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50% young Indians to be hit with ‘Quarter- Life Career Crisis’: Entrepreneur First

By : CIOL Bureau

Global talent investor Entrepreneur First (EF) has released the Ambition Research report that determines the response of the most talented 18-30-year-olds to questions regarding their ambition, aspirations and factors limiting the country’s young minds from achieving their potential. EF had

Thirteen startups showcased their ideas at Entrepreneur First’s inaugural India Investor Day

By : CIOL Bureau

Entrepreneur First (EF), a pioneering UK-based global talent investor, celebrated the inaugural India Investor Day. EF’s first-ever Indian cohort had 47 talented individuals who founded 8 companies. Recently, at the India Investor Day, 13 startups from India, Singapore and Hongkong

Good News for Indian Tech Startups: Entrepreneur First enters India with $25 million allocated to promote tech startups

By : CIOL Bureau

Entrepreneur First (EF), a pioneering UK based global talent investor has entered India with $25 million committed from its larger fund, to promote tech startups in the country. EF also announced its first-ever Indian cohort of 50 founders who were