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The Future of Engineering Education: A Sneak Peek into the New Century

By : Ashok Pandey

Asheesh Gupta, Pro Vice Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur From building pyramids in the 27th century BCE to designing modern day smart cities, engineering has had a long and cherished history. In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, raw

Field Engineer: A marketplace to fill the demand-supply gap for telecom engineers

BANGALORE, INDIA: Field Engineer, a new company that is rethinking how B2B work gets done, particularly in the telecommunications industry, has recently launched the Field Engineer app for iOS and Android. The platform helps companies delivering telecommunications services, including communications service providers (CSPs), hardware manufacturers,

What’s tucked beneath those headphones?

USA: With all that noise buzzing inside open offices, it’s not a rare sight to see

Digital Engineering: Implanting Change, One Step At A Time

Siva Perubotla What is the objective of any exercise in engineering? I see it, at its

NI showcases innovations that meet real-world engineering challenges for IoT & 5G

BANGALORE, INDIA: At its annual conference on graphical system design NIDays this week in Bangalore, NI India showcased the newly added

RLE India plans to increase headcount from 250 to 1000 by 2020

BANGALORE, INDIA: RLE International today announced their aggressive business expansion plans for India. Operating since 2005,

Engineering colleges put Job placement ahead of skill building, research

BANGALORE, INDIA: Engineering colleges in India focus more on job placement of the students instead of