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Are we finally on the verge of a paperless world?

By : Sunil Rajguru 1

Growing up in the 1980s, I used to hear a lot of talk about a paperless office, especially with the advent of the Personal Computer. Subsequently it seemed like a pipe dream. Most key digital data was scanned or converted

Digital Transformation is no longer an option, it’s a must in the Covid-19 era


Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown came as an acid test for every individual and business to ensure business continuity and relevance in the new world. Organizations that had taken the lead to build their digital presence had the advantage to

Digital Transformation—a jigsaw puzzle—in, and post, the pandemic

By : Pratima Harigunani

Granularity has to be embraced at an operational level and conflicts have to be sidelined if CIOs want to get ready for the ‘new normal’. Sushant Rabra, Partner KPMG tells us how wielding the right prioritization levers and making transformation

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) selects Datamatics as its Digital Transformation Partner

By : CIOL Bureau

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) announced a strategic technology partnership with Datamatics Global Services Ltd. (DGSL) to transform BIAL into a future-ready digital organization. This involves automating and digitizing more than 170 processes across the organization. BIAL operates the Kempegowda

NTT reveals lack of strategic ownership is stalling digital transformation plans

By : CIOL Bureau

According to NTT Ltd.’s 2019 Digital Means Business Report, 11% of organizations are highly satisfied with those in charge of spearheading digital transformation, despite the fact that almost three-quarters of them are already underway on their journey. Organizations worldwide are

Digital Transformation (DX) as a strategy to retain topnotch talents

By : CIOL Bureau

From the invention of telegraph in 19th century to the widespread use of emails and social media platforms in 21st century, the world has come a long way to become a global village finally. Nearly half of the world’s population

Innovating Against the Technology Disruptions Tsunami

By : CIOL Bureau

By Ravindra Kelkar, Area Vice President, Sales & Services, India Sub-continent, Citrix Technology Disruptions are changing the way organisations use technology. Instead of being just an operational enabler, IT has become a key component driving business strategy. Apart from their

LTI Success Story: Over 55% Energy Savings with 75F

By : Ashok Pandey

LTI (Larsen & Toubro Infotech) is a global IT services company headquartered in Mumbai and is ranked 4th among Indian companies in 2018. With a revenue of over $1 Bn and over 25,000 employees, it is no surprise that they

Digital Transformation Challenges in Legacy Infrastructure

By : Ashok Pandey

The Global Digital Transformation Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 462 billion by 2024 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 18.5% in the given forecast period. We see digital adoption across our various customer segments

Rich Customer Experience – In the Driver’s Seat of Your Digital Transformation Journey

By : CIOL Bureau

By Sundar Balasubramanian – Senior Director: Commercial Sales & Partners at VMware It is easy to relate to the oft-quoted maxim ‘Customer is King’ as, without a customer, business does not exist. However, today’s businesses are not all about the product

Micro Focus Guides Enterprises into the Digital Transformation Era

By : CIOL Bureau

Micro Focus announced a critical milestone in a years-long effort to create and deliver solutions that help organizations transform their business in accordance with rapidly evolving IT requirements. By combining industry-leading software and domain expertise in four core areas –

Digital Transformation Reality Check

By : CIOL Bureau

By Victoria Lonker, Vice President of Network and Security Product Management, Verizon Companies that invested early in digital transformation (DX) already are seeing a return on their investment. Those with mature digitization strategies will derive at least 45 percent of

Prepping businesses for digital futures

Thomas George Digital Transformation is inevitable, and every organization is grappling with the reality of being an agile and digital enterprise at the earliest. For organizations looking to make the shift, a strategic partner can make all the difference by

Digital Transformation Trends for 2019: Srinivasan, Tata Communications

By : CIOL Bureau

This year, we had the benefit of leaning on the recent findings of our inaugural Cycle of Progress digital transformation benchmark study to inform my predictions. This global survey examines global business leaders’ hopes and fears about emerging technologies, and reveals which

Banks to Lead Digital Transformation with AI

By : CIOL Bureau

Money matters to people and businesses alike and banks are the institutions which help them sense, comprehend and act in terms of making monetary decisions wisely. Banks have been there for us in times of need and have evolved themselves

Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 4.0

By : CIOL Bureau

By Lux Rao, Chairman of Manufacturing Working Group, The IET IoT Panel and Director and Leader, Dimension Data Digital transformation is having a significant impact across all industries. Manufacturing organizations have begun to acknowledge, and even experience, the advantages of

Tata Communications discovers digital transformation disparity in new study

By : CIOL Bureau

‘The Cycle of Progress’, a study[1] by Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, reveals that leaders have vastly different takes on their organisation’s digital transformation compared with the managers who are implementing the new technologies. According to the

GCR takes next step to offer its Digital Transformation solution through Large Alliance partners

By : CIOL Bureau

Global Channel Resources, a Digital Transformation multi-vendor Partners Platform, has global operations in 12 countries, takes its next step to offer Digital Transformation solutions through Large Alliance partners. Its e-marketplace and cloud service Delivery platform offers smart SaaS connected IoT

Citrix study: IT complexity is holding back digital transformation, restricting cloud adoption

By : CIOL Bureau

Citrix announces the release of research into “The State of IT Complexity in India” that revealed Indian businesses are struggling with complexity. Almost all Indian businesses (99%) have started their digital transformation journey, but only 34% have reached maturity. This

Meeting the Intelligent Data Management needs of 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

India is at the cusp of digital transformation, witnessing an unprecedented growth in the volume of data generated. Human and machine generated data is growing ten times faster than traditional business data, and machine data is growing at 50 times