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SoftPOS is set to empower micro merchants and scale business

By : CIOL Bureau

Internet penetration in India stood at 45% with 625 million internet users and 1.10 billion mobile connections as of January 2021. Thanks to affordable smartphones, data packs and prevalent telecom infrastructure, digital payments through mobile is being made available to

The RBI’s NUE Groove To Digitise All Payments Under One Roof

By : Laxitha Mundhra

The digital payment ecosystem is up for some changes that come with the RBI’s new regulations. Not just mainstream payment companies, but Reliance and Tata along with Google, Amazon and Paytm aim to set up a new umbrella entity (NUE)

Advanced Machine Learning Techniques to Do Real-Time Credit Assessment

By : Ashok Pandey

The tech advancements have changed our lives in various ways, and the banking sector has no exception. Forget the queue for cash deposits and withdrawals, or applying for loan and credit card. This is the story of past, today, we